Majority of Americans Support Obama's Economic Plans

A study recently conducted by Washington Post and ABC News revealed that nearly 70 percent of Americans support the economic plans proposed by President Barack Obama which means that he is enjoying popularity among his constituents. The survey also revealed that 75 percent of Americans are optimistic that Obama will do a great job during the course of his presidency.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans support economic plans proposed by President Barack Obama, according to recent polls conducted by media institutions ABC News and Washington Post.

The survey revealed that majority of Americans approve Obama’s decision to address the looming global economic crisis, with over 75 percent saying that he will do a great job during the course of his presidency.

The poll also showed that nearly 65 percent of people believe that Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus bill can alleviate the present condition of the country while the other 68 percent think that the President is properly handling the current problems.

While more than half of the respondents believe that the stimulus package can help the overall economy, only 46 percent think that their financial condition will improve.

Meanwhile, New York Times and CBS survey revealed that 63 percent of respondents believe that Republican lawmakers oppose stimulus bill based on their political interests and not because of policy issues.

The poll also said that 80 percent of Americans believe that Republicans should work with the administration and put off their partisan policies.

Presently, Obama is facing challenges from passing various economic stimulus packages since almost all Republicans oppose his plans.


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