Licensed Social Worker Requirements

One of the most fulfilling careers is to become a social worker. This is because of the fact that the benefits that you can get here are not only in terms of the profit but also in becoming part of others’ lives.

Tips on how do you become a licensed social worker is accessible in this article.

There are things that you must learn on how to become a licensed social worker. In order to know the important information, you must read the next paragraphs.

Importance of a License

Being a social worker is not just what you need in this career, you also have to obtain license in your profession. This will serve as your tool to practice the profession of your choice. If a license is absent, you will have limited actions in practicing the career description of your choice.


In order to have an initial access to becoming a license social worker, you must first finish a four years bachelor’s degree in a university. You must specifically take courses that are in line with social science. From the word itself, it is an entry course to the profession.

Once you have finished a four year course, you may already look for a graduate school that offers master's degree in the field of social work. Make sure that you will enroll to those universities that offer quality education. To give you an overview, this educational program will last for more than two years. But that depends on your choice of schedule.

If you want to go to the typical school, you may also choose to enroll in an online master's course. This is sometimes more convenient as well as cheaper. All you have to do is inquire in the possible universities or surf these programs in the net.

Internship and Requirements

Internship is also a vital part of becoming a licensed social worker in the future. You may connect to the graduate adviser available. This is very much important in order for you to apply what you have learned from the theories that are taught to you. Internship is also a basic prerequisite in some of the states in the U.S. All you need is to inquire to the authorized personnel what their exact requirements to the profession are.

Once you have already accomplished the needed documents, you may already pass it to the concerned government agency and ask for the designated place as well as date of the examination. There is also an available list of the requirements in the Internet. Make sure that you have double checked it to make sure that you have accomplished everything.

Pre and Post Exam

Once your application was granted, you may already start to review and to enhance the knowledge that you have. You may undergo review classes or just simply have a self-review. Days before the examination, you must have ample sleep to make sure that you are conditioned physically and mentally. After you have taken the examination, calm yourself down and think positive while you are waiting for the result.

Once successful, you must process the papers needed to have your license and it is already the time for you to get your first job.


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