Becoming a Car Designer

People are becoming attached to the modernization particularly in the automotive world. One of the professions that is being sought after by most of the car companies nowadays is being a car designer.

This is a very challenging profession which you can try. The tips on how to become a car designer is discussed in this article.

Being a designer requires you to think of the ways on how to achieve it. One of the most promising professions under designing is car designing. If you are interested on how to become a car designer, the following paragraphs will teach you how.

What to Study to Become a Car Designer

The initial thing that you should do is to finish the educational requirement that is needed. You must be particular in taking courses that will teach you how to enhance your drawing skills. There is no limit in taking these classes so you may enroll every now and then.

Once you have earned the necessary knowledge needed, make sure that you will practice the theories you have learned by sketching during your free time. Specifically, you may purchase drawings of the latest models of car and you may practice to draw it in several angles. In order to enhance your drawing skills, you may use available software like Illustrator and Photoshop. These are the official programs that are being used in making car designs in most of the car companies. So as early as possible, learn how to use these programs in preparation for the future.

Design with a Purpose

The next thing that you should do is to develop your portfolio. This will be the place where you will place your crafted designs and the right information of your designs must be included. In order for you to have plenty of designs, you may try to look in the Internet for possible inspiration that you may relate to the product that you are about to create a design on. Once you are already working, it is important to make designs that will provide revenue for the company. This is for the fact that car companies are appealing to be a business of luxury.

Portfolio Completion

The next thing that you should do is for you to finally complete your portfolio. Ideally, a portfolio must have a range of five to eight separate projects. In addition, each project must show the utilized process in the development of the graphics present. The main parts of these are design objectives, purpose of the business, your inspiration in creating the images and lastly the sketches.

Applying for Design Colleges

By the time that you have successfully made your portfolio, you may already send it to design colleges that are present. Sources say that there are little automotive design colleges available in the world. In entering in a school, you may try to apply for a grant in order to finance your continuing education.


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