Learn More about the Kava Farming

With lots of online retailers out there who offer products as potent and new as kava, it is now such a good idea to start on the kava farming.

This is mainly essential for all farmers who are interested in the goal of learning more about it, in starting it and cultivating it for their income.

Below are the essential requirements to consider on how to start kava farming:

Good Temperature

Being a tropical plant, the kava kava is known to grow at a temperature of sixty-eight to eighty degrees. The fahrenheit should be at twenty to twenty-five celsius. Apart from it, the plant should also be exposed to a condition with lots of water. The sun is also visible for it and there must also be a moderate humidity.

If you are likewise living in a warmer state of Florida, Southern California or Texas, then you can keep it happy outside the entire year. The good thing about the plant is that it can be planted outside during the summer season. It should, however, be taken inside a greenhouse or inside. This is when you have noticed that the temperature dropped off to fifty-five degree Fahrenheit.

This is also growing under a jungle canopy and as long as there is a partial shade. As per the best indoor solution, it is to keep kava in a specific pot. This should be situated next to a sunny window. This way, it should be provided with a good light condition.

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Soil and Watering Requirements

It is best to pot your kava plant in a loose soil. With the loose soil, the plant will be allowed for water drainage. Thus, the root is as well prevented to rot. There must be a perfect blend of fifty percent of organic compost and fifty percent of coconut coir or Perlite.

It must also be watered on a regular basis. Apart from it, it should be grown in an even drier environment. It should also be kept away from the air conditioning vents. If the kava is still young, it needs soil depth of six inches. Experts also suggest for a garden bed. And then, choose for a soil that is two feet deep. And then, dig a hole to two to three times.

Fertilizer Requirements

Being a jungle plant, this depletes a number of nutrients found in the soil. This is also known to grow in a rich fertilizer. Better to add up animal manure, natural humus and a commercial-based nitrogen-phosphorus potassium fertilizer.

It is best to make use an element of 14-14-14. Half of the recommended dose is to be given on the kava’s roots. After it has reached its maturity, adding up more fertilizer is essential.

Protection from Disease and Pests

It is not common to grow kava in the garden or home. This is primarily due to the presence of pests and diseases. It is best to be aware of the infested or diseased plant. The growing conditions and starting materials make the plant even more susceptible to certain infections. When the young plant has arrived, ensure that it does not show signs of diseases such as spots or holes on the leaves, curled or wilted leaves.

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