Jalapeno Farming

This is a complete guide to jalapeno farming. Jalapeno is one of the spiciest peppers across the world. It is first grown indoors and then outdoors. Jalapeno farming requires proper air and sunlight, moist soil.

Make sure to apply organic manure so that they don’t get weeds. You must always wear gloves while picking them because they may cause irritation.

Though jalapeno is sometimes considered to be an out of place vegetable yet it is one of the most successful farming stories for the future. The farming of jalapeno is a little bit similar to that of broccoli so most of the farmers prefer to farm both. Before you start a farm for jalapeno it is important that you are pretty much aware about the farming techniques as well as market demands too.

Jalapenos a must have! are basically hot peppers which mostly are being used in home for making spicy dishes and specially pickles. You can buy the seeds of jalapeno or else buy the plant from a nursery. These hot peppers are said to be the most popular amongst all the peppers.

The plant grows very slowly so you can even plant it indoors and keep it for 8-12 weeks. But afterwards, it has to be planted outside for further growth. You need to keep the plant moist all the time but make sure you are not overwatering the plant as it will get damaged. It has to be grown in a warm and sunlit place.

How Plants Grow

Simply drop 2-3 seeds and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Also, it is important to see that they are getting proper air ventilation or else they will rot down. However, you have to protect your jalapeno plant from frost and so you can easily let it grow in your garden too. Jalapenos grow well in abundant sunlight so make sure there is excessive sunlight at the place where they are grown. In order to make the soil fertile you can add some organic compost to the soil or else just add some mushroom compost.

This too works well for jalapeno plant. Spacing is essential for jalapeno plant. Make sure you are keeping them 14-16 inches apart from each other so as to let them grow well. Keep a distance of 2-3 feet between the rows. The jalapeno plant is known to rise to 3 feet on an average. Make sure you are watering them every third day. You will need to replant them ablest thrice during their entire growth process.

When the jalapeno plants have moved outdoors, they will need around 6 hours of sunlight daily as well as temperature of around 80F-90F. The jalapeno peppers might irritate your skin so you need to be a bit careful while handling the same. If you feel itchy wash your hands with soap or else wear a glove while picking them up.


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