Jethro Tull Farming Methods

Out of the many revolutionary steps taken by the British, Jethro Tull farming methods are another important milestone as creative innovation. Founder, Jethro Tull (1664 – 1741) was a pioneer whose innumerable contribution in agricultural sector is undeniable.

Zest of the methods suggested by him is seed drilling ideas, horse drawn hoe and improved plough system as extremely farming methods applied with pride worldwide.

A grand revolution came in agriculture sector in 18th century while rest developments were witnessed in the Western societies through Jethro Tull farming methods. It was unique agricultural revolution of that period while other revolutions were equally flourishing world over. The new methods developed for agriculture directly impacted on agricultural productivity then and so were they considered ultimate for development in future—the notable ones as development in farming technology to create history.

Unique Method

Tull brought revolutionary innovation in Basildon, Berskhire in England through presenting a new type of research in the agriculture sector. Innovative agricultural processes and farming methods he suggested were later denoted with the Jethro Tull farming methods. His method defied the common practice of planting crop seeds randomly by throwing them. This unique system to plough and harrow ground for seed planting was definitely an impressive for that era and were pathfinders for future. The innovative approach was highly beneficial then and easy to apply in future. The key ideas and their glimpses in the form of a new method were based on the following:-

  • Jethro Tull's unique seed drilling method
  • Horse drawn mechanical seed drilling proved extremely beneficial
  • It worked through rotating cylinder incorporation as it made grooving effective
  • Seeds directing into channel dug through plough proved worthwhile for maximum productivity
  • Seeds planting became easier steps for harvest yielding

The improved drilling method introduced then are ultimate Jethro Tull farming methods for today and made it easy for sowing three rows of seeds at one go. Further scientific measures have been applied since this agriculture method was brought into practice for plant nourishing. Unique plant sowing option in accordance to soil type guarantees the maximum growth expected with effective production. No matter the soil is loose or heavy the impact during sowing and thereafter remains highly impactful.

Universal Theory

Tull's theory remains one of the fundamental agricultural concepts which also makes the plant nourishing idea highly result oriented for all types of soil. He would advise not to use the animal manure that was usually practiced commonly then in agriculture for fertilizer purpose though it paves the way for plant nourishment.

His concept was for extra manure and was often protested then but the agriculture scientists later accepted that such concept was equally acceptable. Perhaps it is the important factor that Jethro Tull farming methods are considered a novel farming idea since it was practiced for the first time. This discovery is common in the European regions and rest parts of the world today.


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