Junk Shop Business

Businesses nowadays may not be that grand-looking since there are businesses that might not be grand on the outside but the money return inside is as alluring as other grand businesses have.

So better start now your journey on how to start a junk shop business.

The adage “there is money in garbage” is still very true in our present time. Of course, we cannot deny that the ongoing increase in population is one of the contributory factors to the worsening scenario of pollution. But despite the fact that it is an alarming scenario, business-minded people are also alarmed to the money that they can get from it. You might probably one of those too.

The Steps


When we speak of the cost when it comes to the junk shop business, you will surely be exhilarated to know that it will not really be heavy in your pocket compared to the other businesses that are there. Some of the things that you must have are:

  • Operating equipment
  • Business space
  • Weighing scale
  • Metal push cart
  • Tools (hammer, screw drivers, vice grips, pliers, steel saw, etc.)

Where to Get Junks?

In a junk shop business, most of the things that you need are just anywhere. If you think that all you need are people with push carts who are collecting garbage, then you are wrong. There are plenty of your friends and relatives whom you can ask for junks. Of course, every people have their own junk that they keep at home. You can ask from them those that they need. For sure, they can even give it to you without any money involved. And with that, you can have plenty of junk that you can recycle and sell.

  • Segregation

    Since we are talking about junk, you might not see among these junks those that can still be used since most of them are soiled and dirty. Take time first to look into these junks and segregate it. There you will see that there are some things that you can still recycle and sell. Those that are not anymore useable can be sold to some recycling companies that you can find like bottling companies.

Keep an Inventory

Just like all other business, junk shop business will also require you to have an inventory. There are plenty of things that you must place in your inventory. Make sure to be very systematic of inventories so that you will be able to keep track of the profit that you have in contrast with the revenues that you are shelling out. By doing so you will know if you are on track with your business.

Indeed, you can find money in trash. Just be very creative and make sure that you cope up with the demands of the time for you to be successful on your very own junk shop business.


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