How to Write Articles that Sell

If you want to write articles that sell, you should be equipped with the right skills and knowledge. Try to learn the writing basics and follow the helpful tips below.

You can succeed in writing once you look into some things.

It is possible to write articles and earn money in return. There are many home-based opportunities and if you have access to the web, you can easily generate money. You don’t become a writer overnight. With the skills and experience in writing, you will be able to create articles that sell.

Writing can be a part time or full time job. It is up to you if you want to publish your work or you may decide to become a copywriter and do some ghostwriting work. In order to create outstanding articles, you should read and conduct adequate research. Think positively and learn the essentials of effective writing.

Things to Consider

There are three things that your articles need to offer and this includes value, information, and a warm feeling. No one will read articles that don’t contain useful information. You have to pick a subject or topic that catches the readers’ attention. The article should be interesting and good enough to provide them with something valuable.

The style of the article and your personality is revealed in the articles that you’re writing. You will have to make sure that the articles provide a sense of warmth. This is easily passed on to the readers and they will be drawn to the succeeding articles that you create.

Writing Tips

If you want to write the best articles, you will need to follow these tips:

  • Every week, you will need to come up with at least three ideas or pitches. You will have to take note of any idea that pops into your mind before you forget it. If you want, you can have a journal where you can write down the ideas.
  • The article has to convey a certain message. Make sure that you send the message out clearly and in a concise manner.
  • Create a summary or Meta description. You can write 2-3 sentences that sums up the article you’ve written. Most readers don’t have the time to read many articles and they often check the ‘nut graff’ or the query letter. If you can make this interesting, you can sell your articles with ease.
  • Don’t use too many resources because this will often result to information overload. Just pick the ones you need and start writing.

Why don’t you follow these tips and create best-selling articles? Even if you’re just starting out, you will be able to create amazing and interesting articles that are worth a considerable sum of money. You can make money from the articles through subscriptions or you can also submit it to websites that are willing to purchase the articles.


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