How to Write a Letter of Appreciation

Many people do acts of kindness. Have you ever thought of properly thanking them? Writing a letter of appreciation is a way to assure your family, friends, and acquaintances that you appreciate the ways they enrich your life.

So whether handwritten or printed out from a computer, you can learn the reasons and rules to follow in writing appreciation letters.

The process of thanking people for their assistance is called appreciation. Sadly, in all the pressures of modern life, people fail to properly thank those who do good things around them. There are different kinds of appreciation letters – employee appreciation, friend appreciation, teacher appreciation, family appreciation, etc.

Reasons to Write Appreciation Letters

Thank you letters should not be reserved just for business purposes or just to thank someone for a gift. Some occasions where you could write a thank you letter include thanking a volunteer for your charity project, a person who helped you plan your party, or a person who gave you good reference.

After a job interview, it would be great to thank the interviewer. Who knows, this may be the clincher that will get you the job over the other applicants who were not as considerate. Generally, thank everyone who did something special for you. Another example would be to teach this habit to your children. Get them to write thank you notes after holidays or birthday parties. Surely, it would be one of the values you can leave to them.

Rules to Follow in Appreciation Letters

Remember to address your appreciation letters to one particular person rather than address a whole organization or group. The more specific your letter, the better it is. Here are some rules you can follow to have the best letter of appreciation:

  • If your letter is for a staff, always express positive comments or feedback about him you observed or received from other people.
  • If the letter is in a form of bonus or reward, describe his or her achievements and express what the award means to your company.
  • Be honest in writing letters of appreciation. It’s also best to be warm, informal, sincere, and straight to the point. Don’t forget your main point of writing - explain why you’re showing your thanks. Always thank something that has already been done because thanking someone in advance is very presumptuous.
  • Make sure that you proof read your letters for any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Also ensure that you write your letters quickly and send it within a few days after the incident or event.

It’s necessary to follow these tips in writing appreciation letters. Using a software program can help you with customized greeting cards for great text and graphics. However, receiving a handwritten letter could be one of the greatest joys anybody can have.


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