Starting a CPA Firm

If you want to start your own CPA firm, it is very important that you evaluate your experience and skills. You should be preparer physically, mentally, and financially.

Always begin with a plan, so you will have a guide in addressing the different aspects of the business. You can also use the plan to secure capital.

Starting a CPA Firm

Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Well, if you’re a CPA, you already possess the skills and experience needed to succeed. Starting your own firm can be overwhelming but if you begin on the right track, there is a high chance that you can hit the market by storm. The first thing that you need to do is to assess yourself. Do you think you’re ready for this kind of venture? Can you handle the tough responsibilities and duties as the owner of the firm? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re prepared to take the plunge.

You will need to develop a business plan. This will outline all the aspects of the business. It will serve as a guide to address all the business areas, and it can also be used to secure funding. This is where you will outline the goals, describe your skills and experience, determine the pricing, explain staffing and management, the office requirements, startup costs, operating costs, projected revenues, and identify the source of capital. There is a need to check your financial stability and your capability to fund the new business. Capital will no longer be a problem if you have a detailed plan in your hands.

Location and other Considerations

Find the ideal office space for your CPA firm. The options may include a home office, commercial space, or a shared one. Leasing is usually the best option to save money rather than purchasing a land and constructing a new building. Once you have the office, you will now purchase the necessary equipment like chairs, desks, bookcases, file cabinets, worktable, computer, printer, telephone, fax machine, and supplies. Since you’re going to start a CPA firm, there is a need to hire staffs. You will need a clerk and other key personnel. You need to provide them with benefits package and competitive salary.

Your CPA firm will incur monthly expenses whether you have many clients or not. Set up a budget for utility, rent, internet service, telephone, cleaning, etc. This is very important in cash management. During the initial months, you will still be busy in promoting the business and attracting new clients. The cash flow may not be enough to cover all these expenses. If you lack capital, you can borrow money to be used for the operations. Don’t forget to register the firm with the authorities. Establish a legal entity to generate more clients. Another thing that you should get is insurance, to deal with potential liabilities in the future.


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