Starting a Birthday Party Business

If you want to start a birthday party business, you will have to develop your skills and knowledge in entertaining people.

You will be dealing with various kinds of people, so you need to think of new ways to entertain them. Advertise the business properly to attract potential clients and you can do this online or locally.

Starting Your Own Birthday Party Business

Do you love performing in front of an audience? Well, you don’t have to be an actor to perform because you can use your skills and talents by starting your own birthday party business. If you are currently working, you can do this part time and when you have found customers, you can now do the business full time. Entertaining people requires incredible talent and you should know how to deal with different kinds of personalities. You can do clown acts, magic tricks, perform mimes shows, and puppet shows. Seeing people laugh and enjoy the party is a rewarding experience.

For beginners, all you need is a computer, internet connection, paper, printer, and phone. There are many things that you can do to entertain birthday party guests. Aside from the acts mentioned earlier, you can also do balloon twisting, learn ventriloquism, host games, do juggling, face painting, and dance. Why don’t you check out the costumes available in rental stores? This is a great way to gather ideas that you can use in your birthday party business. Before you take another step, you should determine the services that your birthday party business is going to offer.

How Much You Can Earn

You can focus solely on the acts or entertainment but you can also offer birthday party supplies and party favors. Did you know that you can earn $200 for a 30-minute performance? You can charge lower for your introductory price. The fee is necessary to cover for the costume rentals, travel expenses, and other relevant costs. You can use the computer to promote the business. Flyers can be decorated with ease using the Word program. You can hang the flyers in bulletin boards, activity centers, libraries, and other high traffic areas. Word of mouth advertising is quite effective and you can spread the word by giving clients some memorable items that contain your business name and contact details.

You can submit your business name in online directories and you can also post ads in local newspapers or magazines. Whether you’re managing a home-based business or you have your own business location, you will have to promote the business extensively. Apply for a business license at the concerned government agency and pay for the licensing fees. Design the business office attractively and it should suit the type of services you’re offering. The office should offer a party atmosphere and if you hire employees, make sure that they greet customers with a smile. Enhance your knowledge by knowing the latest trends in the industry.


  • mandy said on June 4, 2014
    Hi this is mandy from salem, Tamilnadu, India, from 2008 I have been in the field of entertainment like game shows, magic shows etc etc. I need some information about exclusive balloon decoration ideas , balloon supplies and party supplies and whatever latest in this field. I would be very much thankful for ur info. looking forward thanks and regards, mandy, Birthday Bonkers
  • maribel said on September 1, 2014
    Hi, I'm planning to open a kids birthday parties in a warehouse to start what do I need to start and how much it will cost me.
  • nthabiseng said on October 26, 2015
    Hi! i would also love to start decorating and entertainment business...I need to know from buying basics and how much they might cost


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