How to Use Tow Behind Aerator

Tow behind aerator is primarily used for aerating soil. This enhances the drainage of the soil and reducing the compaction of the earth. Furthermore, tow behind aerator provides more nutrients for the plants by creating holes on the ground.

You can maximize the advantages in using the tow behind aerator by preparing your lawn and if the soil is moist.

Different Types of Tow Behind Aerator And Its Uses

This comes in different types and one of these is the core aerators which remove get rid of the top soil as well as the leaves, leaving an open hole where air can easily water, air, as well as water can easily penetrate the very roots of the plant. Another one is the spike aerator which also helps you dig a hole by pushing the well-shaped spikes on it. This is more suitable to use for sandy and loamy type of soil. This also loosens the dese ground and provides way for fertilizers to seep in it.

How Are Tow Aerators Operated?

Aerators can be powered or manually operated. The powered type needs a gasoline for it to function and it can be used for heavy duty tilling purposes. It tills the land quickly compared to aerator operated manually. Manual aerator is mounted hollow lines which you can find on its step bar where it is pressed and pushed in the ground using the foot. It removes the soil from where it is being pushed once this soil tilling equipment is pulled upward. This is appropriate for unclogging soil in residential lots.

Steps in Using Tow Behind Aerator

Tow behind aerators need an attachment which you are going to hook on a tractor. Best results in using it is by driving it on straight or circular lines repeatedly. There are several steps on how to use tow behind aerator.

  • First, the pull which is located behind the aerator should be properly connected the tractor or lawn mower.
  • Secondly, if the soil is so dense you need to add weight to the aerator by adding water or sand so that it can effectively dig and loosen the soil surface.
  • Third, Check if you have dig the depth the aerator has dug by testing its first run.
  • Fourth, if you need to loosen the condensed soil, you have to operate the aerator repeatedly until you have obtained the depth that you need to till.
  • Lastly, clean up the aerator thoroughly; wipe the dirt from it using clean rag, water and other tools that can help you remove the soil trapped on it.

Proper Usage of Tow Behind Aerator

Proper usage of tow behind aerator will enhance the condition of the soil by slackening its solid surface and providing more space for the plant’s roots to grow. It provides better drainage where water can effortlessly drain on it that makes it more beneficial to grasses or other plants. It also helps in the decomposition process of decaying other things such as dried leaves. There are various types and models of tow behind aerators and the best way to use it is by following the direction stated in the manual that comes with it.


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