Bean Sprouts Farming

Bean sprouts are commonly found in several Asian dishes as they are known to have great nutritional value. So why not start your bean sprouts farming even at the convenience of your home? They contain vital nutrients, prominently proteins and vitamins like vitamins A, B and C and also Potassium, Iron and Calcium that can all keep your body and mind healthy at all times.

Below is a simple method of bean sprouts farming. You can definitely try this out at home.

Have a supply of seeds particularly grown for sprouting

You need to buy the seeds particularly grown for sprouting as these are clean and pathogens-free. Now after having the seeds and if you’ll be growing them on a farm scale, you can use seed trays. Nearly all types of bean can be sprouted but for the healthiest choice, choose small beans. Small beans are good to sprout compared to large beans which are prone to developing mold upon sitting in damp conditions for a long period of time.

Sprouts don’t need a large amount of light. Just the right amount of light is enough. Aside from light, they also need warmth, moisture, nutrients, proper ventilation, a growing container and a growing medium. 

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Getting started with the actual bean Sprout Farming

To begin the actual bean sprout farming, first, rinse seeds a couple of times within warm water. Make certain to rinse and drain them well a couple of times. Second, soak the seeds over one night in fresh, clean water. On the next day, drain and place the seeds in the sprouting container. Put such sprouting container in a room with normal temperature which gains some light. Ideally, indirect light is the best. Excessive heat or sunlight is not good for the beans. As the days go by, rinse and drain the seeds two times a day. Keep them moist but never wet. Also make sure they have room to breathe without keeping them dry. The bean sprouts need air to successfully grow.  

Harvesting Sprouts

The period to sprout differs by crop. However, the usual time frame is 3-4 days. Some sprouts will keep their hulls which can be eaten or removed through brushing them off softly using your hands or rinsing the sprouts within a quick water soak.

Storing the Sprouts 

Prior to keeping the sprouts inside your refrigerator, they should be almost dry. Spin them properly using a salad spinner and let them dry for around twelve hours after rinsing. Safe storage periods for sprouts differ, but in most cases, they can last for a week. Any sprouts which smell bad or are discolored must be disposed. They are no longer good to eat.

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