Adzuki Bean Farming

This is also called azuki bean, an Adzuki bean is a small, reddish brown grain with a mildly sweet taste with a bit of hazelnut. This bean is commonly grown in East Asia as well as America and Australia.

If you are interested about adzuki bean farming, then you've come to the right place as the article will discuss the simple step-by-step ways to start azuki bean farming.

Selecting the location for Adzuki Bean Farming

The suggested location for azuki bean farming is a place with full sunlight. The soil should be well-draining. In fact for best results, the soil must be slightly or neutral alkaline. To test the soil’s acidity, you can use a pH meter. Once the reading falls below 7.0, the soil is very acidic. Adding lime could help make it suitable for azuki bean farming. 

Sowing Adzuki Beans

As soon as the soil temperature is at least sixty degrees Fahrenheit, the Azuki seeds must be sowed. The temperature of the soil can be tested through penetrating a soil thermometer between 1 and 2 inches in the soil. The bean seeds should be directly sowed into the soil with a space of around 4-6 inches apart from one another and pushing them down in the soil to a depth of around 1-2 inches.  After 2 weeks, you should begin seeing shoots coming out, though this process can take longer once the soil is too cold.

Watering the Seeds

As you wait for the shoots to come out, water the soil to keep it moist all the time. Adding a little amount of water every day is far better than watering the plants heavily once in a while since too much water can cause the emerging shoots to rot. As the seeds grow older, they will turn more defiant to drought but still continue watering them especially during such periods of no rainfall.

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Fertilizing the Seeds

As the seeds reach 4-5 inches tall, give them low-nitrogen fertilizer to help them grow faster. You can do this again once the plants begin to blossom to make sure quality crop of beans will grow.

Harvesting the Azuki Beans

Azuki beans are the best when eaten fresh right from the pod. So if you want to enjoy the tastefulness of the beans, harvest them as early as the seeds turn visible within the pods. Nonetheless, if you’re planning to dehydrate the beans and utilize them for shelling, you must wait for a few months until the pods entirely dry out. This is when you can cut down the grown plant and let it dry for a minimum of a week.

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