How to Transfer Business Ownership

Transferring business ownership is not that easy as you think.

Though there are several options available but you need to be careful in doing it.

Thorough understanding is necessary and employs the appropriate option suitable to your business and needs.

Thousands of people are starting different kind of businesses to augment the income. There are many ways of starting a business whether starting from scratch, buying franchises and purchase existing businesses. However, you should be careful in choosing the right mode of starting a business because some businesses would require business transfer. That is why you should learn the basics in doing business transfer of ownership. Different methods of transferring business ownership include outright sale, lease and gradual sale.

Outright Sale

When you choose outright sale, you will not find difficulty because as soon as you receive the payment, the transfer will follow immediately. This is the easiest and advantageous type of transfer because you can have the opportunity to obtain cold cash the soonest possible time. That is why many entrepreneurs prefer to use this quick sale option. In case your business is not performing as you expected the best thing to do is to make an outright sale. This is the best solution so that you can avoid the situation of losing all your investment.


Another option that you can choose in transferring business ownership is through leasing. If you want other business owner to lease your business, you will need to develop a contract with all the necessary conditions. The good point about leasing is that you can receive payment while other person is leasing your business. On the other hand, you can also prefer to set definite time of lease so that other person can manage the business. You should not be mistaken between a lease and loan. Keep in mind that in loan business owner is being paid in full price just like in outright sale.

Gradual Sale

This is the most flexible option of transferring business ownership. This option allows other person to run the business in case the owner is moving. Yet, the payment can be done in monthly option until such time that it is being fully paid. This is very advantageous to both parties because even if a person does not have the enough funds to own a business this option will work. In like manner, the owner who moves across country can still receive cash from the business. The most appropriate term for the payment in gradual sale is installment. The full ownership of the business can only be transferred upon full payment of the business. Whatever option you may choose make sure that it is done legally. Do not forget to let your lawyer do the contract. In this way everything will be in detail and would spare you from any problem.


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