How to Start Wholesale Tea Business

Kicking off a wholesale business can be a cheaper and easier thing to do than what everyone else thinks. There are many kinds of wholesale business that you can start, but if you decided to venture into wholesale tea business you do need a stock and physical premise.

You can run this business online. You can start a wholesale tea business fast and easy with small capital.

Whether you like to start a wholesale tea company as part time or full time as another source of income, it is important for you to plan the business in order to become successful. This guide will help you do things you have to do in order to make your wholesale tea business a great success.

Learn About Tea

Prior to venturing into this business, first you have to know the various types of tea available along with brews, names, and blends. A tea has meaning in various countries and is touted for medical benefits. If you are running a wholesale tea business, expect to be asked queries regarding it. You will need to be skilled regarding the place tea comes from, the method of processing tea, the benefits and how to store various types of them. Not like other business you can decide on. There are many things need to know besides just how to start with wholesale tea business. Join groups, read books about tea, attend seminars as well as presentation to have a good understanding of all.

Register Your Company

Register your company with IRS or Internal Revenue Service. Ask for an application from and write all essential information needed regarding your business such as location, owners and contact information. Once you are registered, an EIN or employer identification number is submitted for tax. After the completion of registration look for tea suppliers that provide high quality tea. You can search online and read reviews to know their reputation. As much as possible, try to find tea suppliers that offer organic as it is one of the most sought after types of tea today.

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Build Online Presence

Make an online presence. To do this, you can sell wholesale tea by means of the established website like eBay or Amazon. On the other hand, expert suggests you make your own website. Select a decent web developer to assist you make a remarkable website dedicated solely for wholesale tea. Your website must have images of your products, prices, and costs. Select a reliable and skilled web hosting company to host your online store. Make sure that the service they offer are stable.

Promote Your Business

Promote your wholesale tea business in different ways like network, making a tea blog, developing a page on Facebook, tweeting daily about tea products. Registering in an affiliate group to make online advertisement for the business is also suggested.

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  • priti said on June 25, 2015
    i want to start Tea Business or Book selling business from my home with lowest investment. i want a practical training if possible.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on June 26, 2015
    @priti, selling tea is totally different than books. I don't know how you landed on picking these two businesses as your only options. There are too many work from home options listed on our site, you can browse through to find the best one for you. If you nailed it down to tea and books then I will suggest you to go for tea as there are not too many players in the market for it. You can have premium tea collected from Darjeeling to sell in your city with a good margin. Good Luck..

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • sunil tiwari said on August 27, 2015
    Dear sir, I want to start tea wholesale business in district- jaunpur U.P. india. please provide me the suppliers and which type of tea and about margin.
  • Shakil Ahmed Khan said on February 13, 2017
    Hi I am from Assam. U can contact me for Tea
  • Vikas Goyal said on February 21, 2017
    Hi I am Vikas want to start street food business but no idea where and how i start the same, Please give me a right direction....
  • Nizamuddin said on December 19, 2017
    I am from kadapa district in Andhrapradesh india, I am looking for door to door tea selling part time business, i am a student of 12 th standard. so i need proper guidelines which quality tea grade is best? and where from Assam or dargiling? How to pick and sell door to door ? If anybody already doing this type of business please guide me to start my part time business... Thanking you
  • Rabi soren said on April 4, 2018
    Sir I am rabi from jalpaiguri West Bengal. I want to do tea wholesale business please give me some ideas. Thank you.
  • Kimily said on April 7, 2018
    @Rabi soren hello rabi, this is Kimily from Qingdao, China. We can supply u LAOSHAN tea green tea and red tea, very famous in China. If u need some help about tea products, pls email me
  • Sajid said on June 6, 2018
    Hello, I am trying to start tea business (may b wholesaler)at a small scale from home with minimum investment. Any advice.
  • Sagar said on January 28, 2019
    Hello, I am Sagar from Mumbai and I want to start the tea wholesale please give some ideas, details of types of teas and margin, etc. Thank you
  • SHAM said on May 21, 2020
    HELLO SIR, I AM SHAM FROM GURGAON & I WANT TO START THE TEA WHOLESALE PLZ GIVE ME SOME IDEA & DETAILS OF THIS BUSINESS proper guidelines What quality tea grade is best? and where from Assam or dargiling? How to pick and sell door-to-door? If anybody is already doing this type of business please guide me to start my part-time business... Thanking you, WHATS UP :- 9811177862
  • Sanjay Mishra said on February 23, 2021
    Hello sir , I am Sanjay from Raipur chhattisgarh and I want to start tea holesale business , Please give me some ideas and your guldens Thanking you
  • Vinod kumar said on June 16, 2021
    I want to do the tea business, but you suggest the best line.


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