Starting an Online Tea Business

Online tea business can be very profitable since tea is what almost all people drink. It is considered as next to water when it comes to beverages.

This is due to the fact that tea is a healthy drink.

Setting up a Tea Business

Tea is considered to be next to water when it comes to drinking beverages. It is healthy and refined and very popular as well. There are many online tea businesses that are popping up every day, from tea rooms and tea cafes to tea magazines and tea stores online and they are really profiting significantly. There are also many customers who are buying tea products and joining tea-related workshops and activities. This is a very good opportunity for you if you want to start an online tea business. Online tea business is very easy to set up and custom designed to meet your personal dreams, goals, and aspirations. The startup cost is not too expensive either so you can definitely obtain the ROI as soon as possible.

More and more people are becoming interested in starting an online tea business because tea varieties are also increasing in numbers. According to the Tea Association of the United States, the tea industry has increased significantly from almost $2 billion in 1990 to approximately $7 billion in the year 2007. They estimated retail shops and tea rooms to be 2400 in numbers. Making the tea business online can be very beneficial to you because you can even start your office at the comfort of your home if you do not have a large budget for the actual office.

The Tea Market

As of today, there is really no shortage of teas for people who will start an online tea business. There are lots of people who are searching for help on how to start this business so there are lots of books and websites giving out tips on how to effectively start an online tea business. Nevertheless, opening an online tea business requires you to have sufficient knowledge about the different teas as well as the marketing and management of teas. You must have a detailed plan and must learn the subject well enough for you to handle this type of business.

Online tea business can reach many people so you must have an excellent marketing strategy for your business. You cannot just rely on word of mouth but you may also need to market your business through article directories, blog sites, and more. You should also be aware of what is the latest happening in the industry too so that you can adjust your goal or make some necessary changes if there are some downsides in the tea industry.


  • Kapila Gunawardane said on July 2, 2012
    My business - home base tea packaging and distribution business. colombo Sri lanka
  • Tabs sum said on March 9, 2013
    I live in uk and would like to start a tea selling business.
  • Prasanna said on May 18, 2013
    We are two people who are seeking a new business related to exporting tea leaves. Currently we are planing to write a business plan in this regards. Can you help me to do our business. Thank you regards, Prasanna
  • Esa Seliya said on July 2, 2013
    I would like to start a Tea business but i have no knowledge of the business. I would like to operate in mumbai Maharashtra india
  • sanaraja said on July 13, 2013
    I am actively looking to start an on line Tea Business. need some hints......Guidelines...
  • Ann Broussard said on July 21, 2013
    Baton Rouge Louisiana
  • parveen walia said on September 7, 2013
    i would like to start a tea business but i have no knowledge of the business . i would to start in patiala punjab india. pls guide me abt this
  • Palash said on December 1, 2013
    Hi, We can supply you the tea direct from the garden (Assam CTC tea). We have a factory outlet. Please contact me on +919004180441 if you need varieties of tea for doing business. Regards, Palash
  • anantharao said on August 10, 2014
    Hi i would like to start home based TEA marketing. if any wholesaler contact me 9642027989.
  • samadhan mungase said on November 3, 2014
    Hi i am from nashik maharashtra I need guidance to start this business
  • marcia said on December 22, 2014
    Hi I am in NY but I am originally from Brazil. I am looking to staring up a online business selling tea from Brazil. Can you please share any information that might be helpful to my research? Thanks, Marcia
  • Hidayath said on February 1, 2015
    Hi, We can supply you the tea direct from Tea Plant. Please contact me by Email - ( if you need varieties of tea for doing business. Regards, Hidayath
  • Mohammad Shahnawaz said on September 17, 2015
    I want to start a whole sale business of tea in my city
  • surangam said on September 22, 2015
    I have an office at kolkata. I like to do tea business nationally and internationally . I do not know where to start. Can someone help me on this. Thanks Surangam
  • vinayak mistry said on December 24, 2015
    Vinayak Mistry, Ambarnath, Maharashtra I wish to start distributing of minimum 1/2 to 1, 2 3 4 kgs. of tea business on national level I want to start it through online internet order so I want an advise how to sale it, types & quality of tea, & other information related to this business some expert can advise me on my m9323159465 or email id
  • Saptarshi Das said on February 25, 2016
    Hi, I am saptarshi from West Bengal. I am to some extent a introvert boy of 21,but to start up a Online selling of Tea & Coffee. What Capital & space, if any, requires please help by specifying. I am stuck up in study due to health problem & there fore want a start up business. Can any one guide me for a certain period of time till success comes. my email- & Mb-9432085275, I will be indebted. SAPTARSHI
  • Kipchirchir Sainna said on March 17, 2016
    I am looking for business partners to take the Eldo Tea brand from Nandi County, republic of Kenya to the international market.Can i get assistance on securing a serious partner who will be able to carry with us the values of the brand the international market? Eldo Tea "The True Taste of Kenyan Tea"
  • nonhlanhla said on August 28, 2017
    My name is Nonhlanhla Makhanya. I am looking for guidance on line tea business. I don't have knowledge about tea. I am from South Africa


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