How to Start an Online Website Business

Online Website is a very good venue for promotion and getting customers worldwide.

Having a website for your business will give advantage to you.

You can gain big profits once you become successful in the first few steps in making online website for your business. However, though you are not as nerd in designing web pages, this won’t hinder you for there are many options in making your own online website business. You may ask some professional to do it for you.

Body: Making online website for your business at first maybe hard. However, this doesn’t require you large amount of investment, so you can start with your small capitalization.

Steps in making an online website

Choose a product or services that you want to be engaged with. Before making your website be sure to know what product or services are you going to sell to the people.

Decide what domain name you are going to use. It is advisable to use a domain indicating keyword or keyword phrases of your business or your product and services itself. As people will search for your product/services in the search engine the traffic of people will be sent to your site if you got the right choice of domain name. And this will add up to your gains. Try to make brainstorming in making your domain name to come up with the best one.

Make a list of domain names that you preferred and check if which among the names are not taken yet by checking it in the domain registry. Choose the best one that closely fit your products/services so to drive traffic to your website every time customers type the keyword in the search engine.

Design your web pages. If you are not well equipped with this talent, you can pay for this. Give the web page designer your idea of how your page will look like. It is best to have an eye catching design so to encourage your visitors and prospect customers to read more and stay in your site ‘till they are convince to buy your products.

Select a web hosting company. Now that you already come up with naming your domain and designed your web pages it’s time to upload it in the web with the help of a web hosting company. Choose the package that is suitable for your business. If you need large memory for pictures of your products, choose a web host company that offers unlimited memory. You can also add template and design to your web pages using the templates offered by the same hosting company.


  • Rajendra chouhan said on January 31, 2013
    I want to start online website business. So pls help me.
  • keval shah said on November 17, 2013
    how to start a software company ? how can i get a projects from clients ? please give me list of client from anywhere of world for java, SQL, PHP,.Net projects


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