How to Start Volleyball Coaching Clinic

If you want to start volleyball coaching clinic, you should start out early to get your own certification to become a coach. You should have passion for the sport to learn the latest techniques or tactics.

Find a location for the business and register it with local government agency. Operate a legit coaching clinic to avoid problems.

Volleyball Coaching Clinic Business

Volleyball is a team game. When players have different goals, there is no way that they can win. Conduct a market study in your area to determine if there is a need for a volleyball coaching clinic. If there is, you can now start with the business plan. This will serve as your guide when starting this kind of endeavor. Before you can become a coach, you will need to gather relevant knowledge and experience. It would be an advantage if you have passion for the game. You also need to enhance your learning every now and then to keep up with the changing trends in the industry.

You have to find an ideal location for the coaching centre. If you lack space, you can coordinate with local volleyball courts to have the drills there. Teaching your students with theories and lessons alone will not improve their skills. You should offer more of ‘hands-on’ training, so they can put their knowledge into action. Start with the fundamentals of the game when coaching students like that of forearm passing, serve, attack, overhead pass, individual defense, blocking, team defensive and offensive systems, developing the setter, and some drills.

Giving Advanced Lessons and Other Matters

For advanced lessons, you can coach on motor learning, team culture, goals, values, mission statements, tryouts, and pre-season activities; drill scoring, feedback, cauldron development, game planning, and scouting. You need to hire extra help to run the centre with ease. Make sure that you develop a comprehensive plan for the students. You can start with the promotions of the centre when everything is set. You can visit schools, offices, and other entities with volleyball teams. You can present your coaching program and don’t forget to leave your business card. With the right program, you will be able to convince potential clients to undergo coaching service.

Starting a volleyball coaching clinic is really challenging. There are professional coaches out there that you have to compete with. You need to identify the weaknesses of your competitors. With this knowledge, you can now device a new program that will fill the gaps and offer something new. Find the right location for the coaching clinic and secure the needed license or certification. The requirements vary from one state to another; doing your homework will allow you to get the needed information to start a legit coaching clinic. You need to possess the right attitude and have sufficient cash flow to cover the clinic’s expenses. Decide on the fee that you’re going to charge to students.

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  • Nick Sartini said on March 7, 2011
    Football Coaching Clinic; grades 7th-12th, Clarksville, IN 47130

    Newly retired football coach, 40 yrs at same school, Indiana Sports hall of fame inductee for playing and coaching; Want to run Spring and winter programs including weight lifting and cross training. Should draw 30-50 winter, 100-150 for spring

    * Also would like to figure how to setup a full contact Spring football league in the Clarksville, In OR Louisville, KY area. Tell me the best way to utilize your services to set this up. Thanks


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