How to Start Excavation Company

If you want to start an excavation company, you have to know that it entails a lot of hard work. Finding contracts can be hard at first but once you have clients, you can easily find the projects that will allow you to earn considerable profits.

Start writing a business plan today and have a guide to success.

Starting an Excavation Company

If you want to start an excavation company, you have to be serious and determined. Your primary concern would be to find contracts and equipment. This is a challenging business and you can succeed easily especially if you possess considerable knowledge. Before you go any further, you will have to create a business plan. This will serve as your ticket to success and will guide you from startup to the grand opening. Applying for the permits and licenses is one of the most important concerns, so you have to do this in advance.

Operating the machinery and the digging projects need special permits; aside from that, you also need a CDL endorsement especially if you’re going to drive a truck with the excavation equipment. The requirements of the permits or licenses may vary from state to another. Inquire first before submitting any documents. Find a supplier of the supplies and equipment. Among the things you will need are back hoe, dump truck, deck trailer, etc. You will need a large land space where you will park the equipment. You can start with a few pieces of equipment and eventually, you can expand especially if you’re business proves to be profitable.

Finding Clients for Excavation Company

Find utility companies that you can do business with like telephone companies and water lines. These companies usually require digging projects and you can request the owners to give you the projects. You can also contact homeowners who need digging projects and other establishments. You will have to promote the business through the use of flyers, business cards, posters, and even online ads. Posters can be attached to bulleting boards and other public areas where it is allowed. Give out the flyers in a high traffic area to increase the popularity of the business.

Starting an excavation company is no joke and you have to be prepared for it. Find an ideal location for the business office and apply for the utilities. It is important that your customers reach you with ease. You can also maintain a website to reach clients from nearby areas. Through online advertising, you will be able to promote the business to the world. Submit your business to online directories and to the telephone directories. This is a great way for customers to reach you with ease. Determine the structure of the business whether you’re going to own it solely or if you will start with a partnership or corporation. Start working on your plan today.


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  • Dave said on July 29, 2015
    Evansville , In, I would appreciate any help in getting this company started , I have operated different equipment for the last several years, and been involved as a partner in land development, and light commercial, and residential building. Although I am very comfortable in the field, my downfall has been trusting my partners with the bookkeeping, hence that is why I would like to get as much help setting up a new company, so that it not only makes money, it needs to be set up to take advantage of good financing practices, I would like to offer excellent service, with reliable equipment, I would like to be on the cutting edge of any applicable new technologies, before any competitor's even know they exist. Am hoping you have some useful knowledge, and advise
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