How to Start an Online Book Store

Selling books online is made possible because of the internet. People can buy and sell books from the comfort of their homes.

This kind of business is highly recommended especially if you are fond of books and love to share this passion to others.

Printed materials such as magazines, newspapers and books are always sellable items to consider. From the start the kid learned to read he starts asking for more books. Books are very in demand. The market for books is so big since everybody reads book. Book selling is not only done inside a brick and mortar store only instead bookstores online is possible. If you love selling books online here are some guides for you:

Decide first if you are engaging into selling new or old books or both.

If you like to start your inventory with old books, here are some tips:

  • Start collecting books from your boxes at home or even from your bookshelves which you think you are no longer eager to read. Since these books only collect dust, try to turn it into cash by selling it online. Then clean these books and have it covered as possible to make it more presentable.
  • You may also get some old books from garage sales, book warehouse sales, offices moving out, library sales, etc.
  • Pricing old books requires you to make some research for you to know how much you will price your books to make it competitive.
  • Have pictures of these books in preparation for uploading it online, to be discussed later.

Steps in starting your online bookstore:

  • Register your business. Determine the necessary documents and permits required in your area to make your business legal.
  • Sort your books. Separate textbooks from reference books and novel books from collectible books etc. As different online venues require different books to sell. Like for instance, eBay do well in selling collectible books while Textbooks are best to sell in Amazon.
  • Now it’s time to select the venue where you will display your books for sale. eBay sells used books online. Craigslist and are some of other sites you can register onto to start posting your books. Determine the fees as they vary also. Look for the best one that fits your business needs.
  • Have a PayPal account. As you are doing business online you need to establish your PayPal account to receive payments from your buyers and to pay your book sellers online too. This is one of the easiest way of paying transaction online, however PayPal is not free of charge but it won’t cost you much either.
  • Have a website for your own display of books. Here you can advertise your books so to encourage more buyers.

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