How to Become a Library Assistant

A library usually has a large collection of books which requires regular maintenance and organizing. The job of a library assistant is to take care of the books and make sure that they are organized so that people will easily find them.

Several skills are also required to be able to work as a library assistant.

The main job of a library assistant is to help the librarian especially in organizing the books so that they will be readily available to the public or to anyone who wishes to borrow or read them. But it is not only limited to organizing books, if necessary, the library assistant can also perform some of the tasks of a librarian. Becoming a library assistant is best for people who have great passion with books.

Usually, the library assistant can be found at the circulation desk answering the questions of the library users and registering new members. The library assistant is also responsible in receiving returned books and checking out materials. Library assistants send out notices to people with materials that are already overdue. After the acquisition of the returned books or materials, the library assistant will then return the library materials to their right places.

To become a library assistant, one doesn’t need to have a bachelor degree. Usually, at least High School diploma is required. Library assistants can learn their skills during their job training. Library assistants with clerical experience are preferred by most employers. Computer literacy is also an advantage in becoming a library assistant because most of the tasks are related to computer.

When a candidate is hired, the employer then may provide job training to ensure that the library assistant will learn the procedures, policies, and the system of the library. Job trainings also help a library assistant in enhancing his or her library skills.

Most library assistants work in public libraries while some prefer working in schools or private organizations. Usually, employers also offer part-time positions as a library assistant.

Since being a library assistant involves communicating to the public, it is therefore an advantage to have a good communication skill. This will help the library assistant in handling various situations with a library user.

Most library assistants pursue their career and become a librarian. Sine they are already familiar with the tasks and processes involved in a library, becoming a librarian is already relatively easy for them. There are several schools in the United States that offer a course in becoming a librarian.

A typical library assistant has a salary of $25,000 to $35,000 a year. While an experience library assistant makes up to $40,000 a year. The amount of salary depends on the level of experience of the library assistant.


  • Ntuthu Ntombizodwa said on March 6, 2012
    I have a 1 year experience as a library assistant at my college Rosebank College... I graduated for a Diploma In Business Management last year... I need a bursary to further this career.. I live @ Gauteng...Thank you.
  • kiran kailas gajbhiye said on August 3, 2012
    i have completed my pg in library science & having 2 years experience as a library assistant. please send me information regarding library post.


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