How to Become a Photographer's Assistant

If you want to own a photo shop or business someday, you can become a photographer assistant first. This is your chance to learn the basics and techniques that you can use in the future.

Find employment opportunities and if you meet with the qualifications, you can now submit your resume.

Tips on Becoming a Photographer's Assistant

Before you dream about becoming a professional photographer, you might want to become an assistant first. This will allow you to become well versed with the basics or fundamentals of photography. Running your own studio can be hard especially if you lack knowledge and experience. There are college courses that can teach you some theories and techniques but it’s quite different when you’re working with an experienced person. You can watch how things are done and you can even meet potential clients.

You will need to apply for a job as a photography assistant. For this, you will need a resume that contains your job experience or credentials. Those with little or no experience may need to work part time and in most cases, they won’t get paid since the photographer will be giving a form of education. Some assistants may not agree and if you’re one of them, you can consider finding another professional. To become an effective assistant, you should be dedicated in doing your job and you should look into the details carefully.

Things to Look Into

The salary of an assistant photographer may vary from one place to another. In most cases, you can earn $150 to $350 for a 10-hour work everyday. Prior to working an assistant, you can develop your skills by reading instruction manuals, how to guides, r taking up short courses in photography. Practice is very important. You should also have the right attitude and social skills. As the assistant, you will be working closely with clients and proper communication can attract more income. You have to make sure that the professional photographer is teaching you his or her skills and knowledge. You have the right to demand because your primary intention was to learn the trade, so that you can make it on your own in the future.

Everything will depend on the agreement between you and the professional photographer. You can look for ads to be able to spot employment opportunities. Create an attractive resume and be sure to have at least a little knowledge in photography. You don’t have to be an expert and that is already expected; otherwise, you could have opened your own photo shop right? With so many professionals these days, it will not be hard to look for them online. What are you waiting for? Become an assistant today and try to inquire about the requirements before you proceed. You need to meet the qualifications first, to be sure that you can get employed.


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