How to Become a Radiologist Assistant

The profession of radiologist assistant is quite new in our society today. As a matter of fact, only a few knew that of its existence. However, this profession is being recognized bit by bit because of their useful and helpful services.

The demand for those having this profession is fast increasing because of the shortage of radiologist and the need for diagnostic procedures of the public. The stages before becoming one is however quite difficult.

Radiologist Assistant’s Job Description

A radiologist assistant aids radiologist by assessing and managing the patients. They even do some radiologic procedures including fluoroscopy but only under the supervision of a radiologist. Fluoroscopy is the recording of the radiographic images through the use of movable radiation-sensitive screen. Moreover, radiologist assistant must not be confused with radiology technologist. Although there are a lot of cases where the job descriptions of the two are similar, the difference is that the radiologist assistants are always working in the presence of the radiologist. They can also examine radiologic images and further make observation of the image results.

Stages Leading to the Profession

The first stage on becoming a radiologist assistant is for you to be a certified radiographer. Radiographers are also referred as radiology technologist. They are the ones who put on high doses of radioactive materials to cancer patients. They also handle radiology equipment as well as performing x-ray procedures to patients. The knowledge about these things is very essential and greatly needed in becoming a radiologist assistant. This is the very reason why before you can enter a radiologist assistant program, you have to be a certified radiographer first. Which leads us to the second stage, and that is being involved in a radiologist assistant program. However, before entering such program, make sure that it is accredited. The time that you will spend in this program is two years. It is considered to be in the baccalaureate or higher level and offers various degrees.

Upon your graduation in these programs, you have to take radiologist assistant certification exam. The exam will be administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Unless you passed this exam, you will not be able to practice such profession. So study hard during your training program and before the exam. Your efforts will surely be rewarded once you have passed your exam. This reward will be your license to practice as a radiologist assistant to the state where you are located.
Other requirements for you to obtain your license will depend on your state law. The procedures of attaining it will also have to be governed by your state law. Keep in mind that every state has different laws which must be followed. So if you are planning to transfer to another, you have to secure another license aside from that which you have attained in your former state.

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  • Sandra Fountain said on February 18, 2011
    My daughter will be graduating in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She is interested in becoming a Radiologist Asst. What is the best advice you can give her at this stage?


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