How to Start a Typewriter Repair Shop

A typewriter is what people used before the arrival of the computers and there are still people who rely on this gadget for their typing needs instead of the now so common computers.

How to start a typewriter repair shop can be as daunting as it may seem. In this article learn the ways to start this kind of business.

Before the arrival of the computers the ever trusted typewriter is the most used gadget in offices, schools, homes, and other business enterprises. There are people who are not into computer and prefer to use typewriters instead. A typewriter repair shop is no longer so common today and starting a business of this nature will likely attract more clients.

Grasping the Whole Concept of the Business

Before indulging into the business you have to study the whole concept of the typewriter industry. You need to learn all the peripherals of almost all the brands of typewriters available in the market, mechanical or electrical typewriters. Getting well versed with all the brand names of typewriters available in the market will make you stand out from the rest of those who are already in the business. Specialize in the repair of all the brand names typewriters so that customers will no longer have to leave your shop to look another typewriter repair shop. Read, read and read, this is another way for you to be able to understand better the industry that you are getting into.

Employees and Staffs

You will be required to have at least a couple of staffs to attend to your clients needs. Make sure that you hire the most qualified employees to assist you in your typewriter repair business. You can concentrate on the administrative side of your business should you be able to get repairmen that can perform the jobs for you. Develop a close relationship with your staffs to avoid dishonesty and fraud.

Location of your Typewriter Repair Shop

Location of a business is one of the major factors to consider. Accessibility and parking lots should be on top of your priority once you are scouting for the best location to put up your business. If you will have the need to lease for a space then you have to read all the provisions in the contract before signing it. Make sure that there are no hidden clauses in favor of the owner of the space you are leasing. A lawyer can help you understand better the contract.


Remember a business is not a business without these documents. Prior to the operation of your typewriting repair shop you will have to secure these documents first. Go to your local or state licensing division to apply for these documents. Fees will be paid before you can get these documents.


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