How to Start a Speed Dating Business

Speed dating is the latest craze that singles everywhere find most convenient.

It is a series of timed ‘dates’ wherein a group of equal number of male and females that meet with each other one at a time.

Starting a speed dating business is fairly easy. First you should be able to educate yourself on the type of business you plan on entering. If possible try and meet with people that are already knowledgeable in the field or already established the same type of business. Do research over the internet with regards to the basics and overall flow of the speed dating process. It is important to understand also certain demographics among the singles in the area. It is best to know about your target audience as the goal of this type of business is to find matches for your clients.

The essence of speed dating is to get to know several different people in a short span of time and if you find yourself interested with some then maybe continue your date with those specific persons or more, after the speed dating process. It is a very popular practice with singles everywhere and therefore a profitable business if utilized accordingly.

Speed dating can either be in a location specific for speed dating or in a local restaurant or bar. It is really up to you on how you plan on starting the business. You can create partnerships with restaurants to hold a speed dating night in which to attract singles from the area. It is best to start slow with at least a day a week in order to gather enough clients and have the place ready for the day.

Make a list of the rules and regulations you plan on implementing in your speed dating business. Have everything written on down and review them accordingly. Make sure that you are able to discuss these rules and regulations with your clients and customers before every speed date. This is also the ideal time to consult with a lawyer to discuss the legalities of the business as well as an accountant to discuss the finances you will spend on the business.

When gathering clients there are a multitude of ways to do this and the most popular of this is over the internet. The internet can garner a multitude of clients from all areas and can attract a broad spectrum of people. It is also considered as the easiest and most cost friendly way of getting the word across. Another of course is through word of mouth that is why it is very important to ensure that the opening of this business is a success. Once you have garnered enough clients for the speed dating activity then you may start setting up the mood of the location.

When setting up the location keep in mind that you are trying to match up two people together. Therefore the location should dictate something romantic and intimate and give the essence of relaxation and comfort. Have drinks and some appetizers ready for grabs at nearby tables.


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