How to Start a Rubbish Removal Business

Although trash can be so stinky and annoying, still it can be your one way ticket on the road to riches.

Rubbish removal business is that kind which charged on an hourly basis, through quote before you go remove the junk, or simply by truckload.

You can do this by offering business owners and even in homes your services, word of mouth will be on your side and your business will be a success. That is, if your service and performance is excellent.

If you are planning to start your own rubbish removal business that aims to provide a good service to different customers, you must know the keys on how to start it properly. It is quite similar to hauling business. The only difference is that rubbish removal business deals only with trash. Do not confuse this with recycling. What rubbish removing business do is that it only transfer the junks from your customer’s place to the local landfill or any other rubbish receiving area. If you do not know the proper ways to start this particular business, then here are the keys on how to start one.

Look For a Franchise

When starting a rubbish removing business, you must first consider on purchasing a franchise that will help to get a good start. This particular choice however will be costly. On the other hand, having a franchise to help you will mean that you will be having a vehicle, marketing assistance and branding as well. It’s more likely a package deal for you.

Create a Business Plan

Even if you have great ideas set up in your mind, it will not be enough for your business to be a success. You have to create you business plan; otherwise your business might be a failure. Having a business plan will make you more focus to your main goal. So, when starting your business plan draft, outline first the number of trucks that you will start your business with. From this, imagine the profits that will make you expand your venture. Next is determining the types of clients that you will serve. It is not really necessary to focus to only one niche however it will make you have a fresh start. If you are living in a place where the city itself manages the regular rubbish removal, you have to consider scheduling pick-ups with your clients through appointing or scheduling a bulk junks pick-up once each month or twice if you like. But if the city has no regular rubbish removing, then you can have a regular pick-up of trash with your customers.

Form a Partnership

Aside from homeowners, you can have your rubbish removal service with contractors, realtors, as well as managers of residential and commercial property. To make your business a hit, offer your customers a discount in exchange for making them your permanent customers. Most businesses that usually tend to make loads of waste materials are roofers, tree trimmers, and carpet installers. You might also want to consider coupling your business with recycling or wood chipping works which will definitely add some more values to your business. Coupling your business with some “green” element might qualify you for incentives of government tax. Thus, this is definitely worth trying. Lastly, you have to market your rubbish removal business. You can do this through a campaign of door to door flyers or simply through phonebook. With all these stuffs to start you own rubbish removal business, it will be a success most especially if you have qualified crews hired in your business.


  • cleanoll masters said on September 28, 2014
    i just registered a company with the intention to start a refuse collecting company Gaborone, Botswana
  • Jambo said on June 22, 2015
    I need a investor in starting up a rubble removal business
  • tim cobble said on September 7, 2016
    I'm looking for a investor and possible partnership in rubble removal services and site clan up.


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