How to Start a Property Development Business

Property development business is a very lucrative business. Remember that success doesn't come overnight. How to start a property development business is something that entails a lot of knowledge and technical skills.

Here are tips and suggestions on how to start with the business.

  • Read, read and do a lot of reading. This will keep you well informed in the business.
  • Get certified. Enroll in short term courses related to the business.
  • Attend forums, symposiums and seminars regarding the ins and outs of a property development business.
  • Research on the property business that you are getting into.
  • Make a business plan for your property development business. Hire a professional in business plan making.
  • Know how much capital you need to be able to finance your business.
  • Apply for a loan in a bank that offers the lowest interest rate in case you are not up with the capital needed to start the business.
  • What are the equipments you need for your business? Look for the best manufacturer of equipments and choose which of them can give you the best deals with the equipments that you would need for your business.
  • You can also purchase good quality refurbished equipments though this will cost more in the long run due to higher maintenance cost.
  • Apply for the necessary licenses, regulations and permits for your property development business.
  • Property development business is a wide range type of business: brickwork, all kinds of repairs, roofing, electrical and plumbing, repairs of windows and doors, heating installation, insulations etc. A whole lot of various property development works. Be sure that you are up with the demands of the business.
  • Hiring the best employees is also another must. Hire the most qualified professional in the every aspect of the business. Create a team that does anything and everything.
  • Start small and impress your clients. Satisfied clients will most likely to refer you to their friend, relatives and to those they know. This is a sure way that your business will grow.
  • Open a checking and savings account under your business name.
  • Employ an accountant to do the accounting and auditing of finances on your business.
  • Hire a financial advisor to help you with your finances.
  • Pricing of your service is another factor to consider. As a starter in the business you may charge lower than that of the existing ones then later on you can increase on your charges and be at par with the more established name in the business.
  • Treat all your employees as families so that you will have a long term employer-employee relationship. It is important that you sustain all your employees so that whenever there are projects you have already created teamwork and work will be easier done.


  • Levirakesh Ben said on March 14, 2011
    we are in Mumbai, India. how to start Property business?
  • mthokozisi M said on September 11, 2013
    How do start my own property business from scratch?
  • chris said on September 9, 2014
    Hamilton scotland, i have 2 rental properties at present, i am looking to leave my day job and be a property developer full time. How do i turn my 2 properties into a full time buissness?
  • Sam Ponau said on December 25, 2014
    I am from Papua New Guinea and interested to start real estate development business


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