How to Start a Paper Business

To start a paper business in new light like the paper shredder business, there are plenty of strict things that one must follow to make it a success.

But the core guideline of such is the trust between you as a service provider and the companies that you are to serve that are also looking forward for the security of information.

We all know that insurance companies, hospitals, banks and like are the primary places of very sensitive information almost every day. With that, it is very customary for these places to make sure that all the information printed or written on papers must be destroyed at once so that the privacy of any customer will not be jeopardized by those people known for identity threat. In such instance, there has been a large demand when it comes to the people who are starting paper business. But now it has come to a new light which leads to the paper-shredding business.

Determining the Customer

There are some things that one must consider on how to start a paper-shredding business. For the most part, the most important of all of these is the by determining the customers. To make it easier and lucrative on your part, what you must look after are those large companies that would need to have a large shredded too to do away with the big volume of wastes when it comes to the information that they need to do away. After all, these are also the companies that would resort to those mobile shredders that are made available. And with such, you must also look into selling mobile paper shredder. The good thing about the mobile shredder is the fact that the waste will be directly placed in the trailer so that it will be easy for the company to transport the waste.

Location for your Business

After you have come about with the customers that you have as well as the shredder that you will be making use for companies to rent, what you need to do next is to take into consideration is the location of your business. If by chance that you have with you a mobile shredder that you are made to rent to companies, then you can consider having your very own home as the location for your business. It is either the company will send you the papers to be shredded or it would be you who would go to the place.

The Needs of the Customers Must Be Adopted

Since you are staring your very own paper business in new light like the paper shredder business, then you can also adopt the needs of your customers. Perhaps, you also have also customers who need to shred some files other than paper like data CDs, floppy disk, hard drives, and the like. And with that, you can also take the time to get things up to abide with the needs that they have.


  • Jean Robert said on April 7, 2013
    Thank you guys, I am from Rwanda, Kigali city and I am planning to start a business of a stationary for schools and office materials but I will mainly concentrate on papers and on other materials that goes with paper like pens and pencils. I have a small capital and where I am going to find a supplier at low price! can you guide all the way long the process? waiting to hear from you!!
  • Jean Robert said on April 7, 2013
    I am sorry again!!can you indicate where I can find a supplier at low price?I was mistaken in the previous comment!!!!
  • B.Baskker said on September 9, 2016
    very super, i am baskker working in It system and networking sector, how to start the business or papers company.


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