Best Price Paper Shredder

Are you wondering what brands offer the best price paper shredder? In this age of technological advancements, the problem of identity theft seems to be one of the more rampant crimes in the real as well as the digital world.

We’ll provide you with the some tips on the best paper shredders out in the market today.

When purchasing a paper shredder it is not enough that it is the best priced paper shredder available. There other things that you have to look for when acquiring a new paper shredder. Criminals often go through the garbage searching for discarded mails like old credit card statements and the like. You have to make sure that after the paper has been shredded, there should be no possibility at all to reassemble or reconstruct the torn pieces.

Experts reveal that more than the best price paper shredder it is important to take note of some tips when looking for your new shredder. Tip number one is look for the cross-cut type. This kind shreds your important papers into tiny bits which make it very hard to reconstruct. It is therefore a safer way of disposing of your important papers. You also have to consider getting a shredder with a higher capacity rating. These shredders are capable of cutting up more papers at the same time. A good choice would also be a shredder which can also cut up credit cards, CDs and DVDs. This is particularly useful if you use these digital medium to keep data. Another important consideration to take is the ease in emptying the contents of the shredder. It is important if you are shredding a lot paper because you do not need to remove the motor head each time you empty its contents. These type of shredders can be quite expensive but if you do not have much use for it, then it is ok to buy the less expensive ones where the motor heads need to be taken off when emptying contents. Get a paper shredder with an automatic start and stop as well as reverse modes. Automatic modes mean that it automatically starts working when you insert a sheet of paper eliminating the need to turn it on and off every time you use it. The reverse mode is used when there are paper jams. Lastly, consider the safety mechanisms of the paper shredder. This is essential when there are children that could accidentally touch the blades of the shredder while it’s working. There are paper shredders available now which automatically stops when the blades are touched.

The best price paper shredders according to online review sites include products from the manufacture Fellowes, Staples, Royal and OfficeMax. These shredders range in price from a little less than $50 to a little less than $170. Amazon on the other hand, recommends a few Fellowes models as well as Powershed as some of the brands getting the best ratings from users. The brand Aurora gets average ratings in the small shredders category. Review sites emphasize that the best gauge in buying paper shredders is not the price per se but the efficiency relative to its price. Most of the more expensive heavy duty types tend to perform better than the less expensive ones.


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