How to Start a Mobile Bartending Business

Are you sick of your life revolving around the service industry?

Or are you looking for something that will make you independent and be a business owner?

One of the very much talk about kind of business today is that of the career of an independent bartender. It will be the perfect one for you if you are planning to be all on your own.

Things Needed In a Mobile Bartending Business

Creating your own mobile bartending business has been rated by many as one which can be moderately easy to start. This is most especially if you know the things that you need to have a smooth sailing beginning of your business. In this business, you must be equipped with at least the basics of bartending. You must also possess bartending tools such as bottle opener, shaker, knife or cutting board, and ice scoop. These are only the few important tools that must be present when you start your own mobile bartending business. You must also produce several business cards and website. Lastly, the two important things that you must have are motivation and a great personality. This will make or break your business. But as long as you have all these stuffs, a bright future will await you.
Guidelines to Start Your Business

Your first step in creating your own mobile bartending business is to learn bartending techniques. In this case, bear in mind that normally, the maximum number of drinks that will be ordered from you by your guests or customers in a special event if fifty (50). While learning the basics of bartending, make a business plan. It will always be a big help when you are gathering ideas for the structure of your business as well as your marketing strategy. The essential questions that you will ask to yourself in this situation is your charging rate to your customers and what will be include in your service. Also imagine yourself talking with your client. You must know how to handle your interactions with him while on the phone. Think of the possible questions that they might ask you and the answers to these questions. The importance of this visualization of yourself and your customer is that you will be prepared to whatever may be the consequence.

Essential Tools in Bartending

The next thing that you must do is to buy the necessary tools in bartending. Once you have already made a deal with a client, you must keep it in your mind that before you go to the event, your client expects you to have various bartending tools. Most clients will expect to see from you tools like bottle opener, martini shaker, ice scoop, bar towels, coolers, and loads more. The best and less time consuming way to do this is to purchase a portable bar and other tools such as salt trimmer, speed pourers, bar mat, and garnish tray.


Tell the whole world that you have a mobile bartending business. You can start telling it to your family and friends. Create your virtual storefront. Include in it pictures as well as compelling copies what you do. This will be an edge to you, a valuable asset to your business. You can start with a five page website. And never forget to put in it your contact information, pictures, and most especially pictures.


  • terry said on November 17, 2013
    I am hoping to start a mobile bartender service in las vegas nv do I need a lic.
  • debi pridemore said on May 25, 2014
    what license and permits do I need in California to start a mobile bartending business? where do I go to get these
  • Emiliano said on July 8, 2014
    In CA, if you are making more that $500 per month and advertising your services, you need a small business license and permits for each county or city you provide your services for. And a county food handlers card or just get a national card from Serve Safe. Check your county and/ or city websites for office references to get the licenses and permits. If you are in the Inland Empire, shoot me a message.
  • Keshia said on September 7, 2015
    I am looking forward to starting a mobile bar tender business in NC. What licensing do I need? I want to start out with family and friends and their referrals first. What will I need if I want to do private venues and corporate events later on when I am successful?


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