“How to Start a Meat Shop?”
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  • hoytarnold said on February 15, 2010
    i live in oriental, nc. sailing capital of nc. retirement community//fishing village//i want to open a meat and seafood market i have owned 2 restaurants rustic inn rest. tavern and catering-easton m.d. 24 yrs. trawl door rest and tavern 5 years-Oriental NC. hoyt arnold
  • Jake ifeanyi Ogbonna said on February 25, 2010
    hello, my name is jake i reside in Portharcourt Rivers state Nigeria. i want to open a frozen meat shop in Portharcourt. please could You help out with a Good proposal with equipment needed etc. Thanks in anticipation
  • Al Capron said on February 26, 2010
    Hi, my name is al and i'd like to know what i need to start a basic meat market in the Caribbean islands
  • Oteng Gyasi said on February 28, 2010
    Hi I am in Ghana and want to start a frozen meat/fish shop in Ghana. Could you help me a good proposal. Have put together one but i need to give it a professional touch. Accra, Ghana
  • Nathan-Marsh said on March 10, 2010
    I am a retiree living in an estate in Ikeja Nigeria. The population of my estate is about 10,000. I will like to set up a one stop meat and poultry product shop in my estate as nothing like that is close by. Please advise on equipments and display units needed to start. Thank you. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • tosin adenuga said on March 10, 2010
    l live in lagos nigeria. I really need a comprehensive advice on setting up a meat store. What the requirements are and the risk in running the business
  • Werner Walter said on March 17, 2010
    Hello, i am from Brazil, specialist in Meat, productions technologist, fermentation, look up for Business contact, for Partnership too found up Meat production, like Parma Ham, tried and salted, Beef Meat, processed Meat, fumed. i am for your disposition, waiting your contact look on my last founded company here in Brazil www.jamones.com.br Contact gedima@gmail.com Best regards werner
  • James Jena said on March 22, 2010
  • Eusy K said on March 22, 2010
    hi, I'm Eusy from Liverpool(England). I am interested in starting a meat shop business, I would like to know how much capital i need in starting this type of business & what knowledge required in doing so
  • trae said on March 22, 2010
    hi, i'm tracy. my dad is opening a butchery for me to run. i would like to know a few tips on how to manage a butchery. how do i go about it. what equipment is required in the shop
  • Tiffany said on April 4, 2010
    I'm originally from NC. I am trying to open a Butcher Market in Harlem with Southern Meats. Its very hard to find a store with the meats/ food that i grew up on. Any suggestions on what i have to do. I know I will need a Food Handlers Certificate but what else would I need. Someone please reply back to me TiffanyD@sprint.blackberry.net Look forward to speaking to someone soon!!!
  • Lee said on April 5, 2010
    i am zimbabwean currently living in south africa. i want to start a casing (sausage)business back home in zimbabwe. can you help me on what knowledge and capital is required in doing so
  • anil said on April 7, 2010
    I'm in Ruston, La. And I am planning to open a meat shop. can you help me out on what are the requirements to be fulfilled to open a meat shop
  • Michael Shie said on April 13, 2010
    I'm in SF bay area. I'm planning to open a meat shop. I have no experience in this business. Would you send me all the information and requirement to start this business? Thank you!
  • Gene said on April 18, 2010
    I am planning to open a small meatshop in our Public Market in Tiwi, Albay, Philippines. Could please help me how to start and what are the things to do before I will start this shop. Thanks very much and appreciate your help in advance.
  • Makhosazana said on April 18, 2010
    I am planning to start a meat shop around my community in South Africa. I dont know where to start and the cost of starting such a business, please help.
  • John said on April 19, 2010
    I’m interested in starting a Butcher/Deli in the New England Area. I have been in the food service industry of 20 years and a chef for 10. Looking for a change of pace. Can you please send me any information that will set me in the right direction? What would the start up cost roughly be, the types of equipment that are needed, and licenses that are required. Thank You
  • emmanuel asuquo said on April 23, 2010
    hi, really need some one to help me start a frozen food in my locality. i stay in an environment where you have over 70% of university students residence. my motivation came when i tried getting a beef in the near by market to prepare small meal, only to discovered that there was nowhere i could get even a fish. i really need to start a small frozen food business in my neighborhood considering the market. what are the machinery needed for a smooth take off? pls i will appreciate update on +234-8036-7558-01. thanks.
  • nandave said on April 29, 2010
    hi, I need some strategic information on starting a meat shop in terms of equipment and general information. Thanks
  • Ishmael said on May 21, 2010
    i have a building and it is connected to electricity and water, all i want to know is the kind of machinery that may be needed to start up a butcher shop business. i am living in a village of about 10000 people in Botswana. i want to know the viability of such a business.
  • sam marju said on May 21, 2010
    Our company is young in meat shop business, we are interested to tie up with exporters and expand our marketing in local market. Thanks.
  • Jennifer Simonson said on May 23, 2010
    Hi, I am interested in opening a butcher shop in Tracy, CA. There are no good options in this city and I would love to bring great fresh and cured meats to the community. What do I need to get started?
  • arunesh chandra said on May 28, 2010
    I would like to start a meat wholesaler business but thinking to buy the business from established meat whole seller business which is around $450000 Australian dollars in sydney. is it a good idea to buy this business. I need your advise. thank you Arunesh
  • Vusi said on June 3, 2010
    I would like to know much profit will it be likely to get in the meat selling business? And what kind of things makes this kind of business to fail? Thank you very much.
  • bummy said on June 8, 2010
    Dons Quality Meats of Kendall Wisconsin 12years of custom processing on the farm slaughter the demand to process split huff animals is on the rise is there a way to fit more hours in a day
  • Phillip McEwan said on June 12, 2010
    I am planning to start a meat shop and I need to know what kind of equipment is needed such as meat cutting equipment freezers ect thank you.
  • Taylor said on June 17, 2010
    I would like to know all of the necessary equipment, freezers, packing supplies a person would need to get a butcher shop stared. Also, a guideline of some sort would be helpful so I can review all regulations, licenses and permits before getting started. Thanks. NE, United States
  • Moses Iyi said on June 18, 2010
    I see an opportunity of starting a meat shop and excelling in it around where i stay. There is no such shop in the whole of that locality of about 25,000 people and even the petty meat traders don't sell on sundays so a lot people unwillingly make due with fish. I have no idea of either the anatomy of a cow or pork or an idea of needed equipments and costs. I'm located in lagos Nigeria. Please assist
  • danica said on June 20, 2010
    i'm thinking of putting up a meat shop here in batangas, philippines. can i have a copy of a feasibility study? tnx. danica.danao@yahoo.com-pls send it here
  • Gemma D.Doria said on June 21, 2010
    Malasiqui Pangasinan. I am hog raiser and i want to expand my business like meat shop. how much is the initial capital to start this, what was the equipment i need, and please give me the feasibility study for this. thanks
  • penglish said on June 21, 2010
    i would like some info on opening a local butcher shop in new england for example how much of an initial investment i would need is it better to lease or buy equipment and any other info involved in it
  • Opaniyan Christopher said on June 25, 2010
    FROM PORT HARCOURT, NIGERIA. I have a butchery already. The equipments are already in place and there are catering companies to buy the meat products. Pls, all I need is someone to finance the supplies. Interested person/persons or company should pls, contact me on +234(0)7036981700 or e-mail address: frco207@yahoo.com
  • raj paudel said on June 26, 2010
    I want to start meat shop in Nepal. Please give me information about all the equipments and weapons as well as approximate investment.
  • cindi catanio said on June 27, 2010
    How to start up a wholesale whole meats and chicken, plus deli and cased meats. looking at a large warehouse idea. atlantic city nj
  • Danny said on July 1, 2010
    about to set up a retail meat store selling poultry, pork, beef and other pork products in St Lucia West Indies, will also be selling fresh fish, wanted to know what equipments I need to start off the business with.
  • Opaniyan Christopher said on July 12, 2010
    Mike pls, call me on this number 07036981700, for sausage casings. I leave in port-harcourt, Nigeria.
  • boom said on July 14, 2010
    i am a 21 tear old business student. i need to make a business plan regarding meat shop. will you help me in making business plan? i live in legazpi city, Philippines.
  • ruzvidzo r said on July 17, 2010
    i would like to start a meat shop. what equipment do i need to start with?
  • TK said on July 19, 2010
    I would like to start a butcher & grill shop in Grahamstown, Estern Cape, South Africa. How much do I need as capital, what equipment and training is necessary to sart small. Thank TK
  • Gurnam said on July 21, 2010
    I am looking for a supplier in Calgary, Ab for organic and regular chicken at good prices. anyone from Calgary here?
  • boo said on July 23, 2010
    i am planning to open a meat shop in sunnybank, brisbane, qld, australia. its a hot spot south suburb in qld. lot of asians like chinese, korean, vietnam, thai etc. especially chinese a lot. my wife has some knowledge about meat shop but we dont know which one start first what are the requirements. how to do the paper work. license, meat shop rules and safety regulations to open a meat shop in qld. whether start a business first then get a license or first get license then start a business. there is any safety pre-approval to open a meat shop. where to buy a meat shop equipments like freezer, refrigerator, meat slicer, meat mixer, etc. i am looking forward your reply as soon as possible. thanks boo.
  • Raolat olamitoye said on July 27, 2010
    I live in lagos Nigeria i want to start up a meat shop but need to know abt the nitty gritty of the business ie the start up capital, equipments needed and the government policy pls send it to my address mieayo4u@yahoo.com
  • Cynthia said on August 8, 2010
    My husband and I would like to open a butcher shop in our town. The population is approx 8,000 in this area. 1,500 in the city. There is only one grocery store and it sells bad meats and is hardly open in the mornings. We would like to know what we would have to purchase to open one and what paperwork would we have to do to open. Thanks
  • cashwell said on August 9, 2010
    i am a meat inspector, wanting to sell my own meat from home and i want a partner at hand. please give me some tips on how to go about it
  • ronaldo reyes said on August 13, 2010
    What is the General Operating Procedure on Cold Storage?
  • vahandy said on August 15, 2010
    what are the usda regulations and the laws for Halifax, Pennsylvania on starting a butcher shop?
  • MARTIN GABONE said on August 16, 2010
    Looking for a strategic business partner to establish Meat processing Factory in Tanzania. The targeted market is Far East and Arabs Countries.
  • charlotte Duncan said on August 20, 2010
    I would like to start a meat market in Satsuma, Al.What would be the start up cost for this and how do I make good contact to sell good meats and accessories?
  • Samantha Garcia said on August 22, 2010
    I am planning a business like meat shop, with rice and some other goods.. how to start my business with small capital..my location is here in quezon city.
  • Mr Kh said on August 22, 2010
    I would like to start a meat market/Kosher with groceries (Mini Market) meat market in Texas. I want to know the start up cost, equipment and marketing plan. Thanks. Please contact me... winback@gmx.com
  • brian castine said on August 24, 2010
    I would like to open a meat wholesale delivery business in my town of Katherine NT (Australia). The population is approx 4,000 in my area and roughly around 8000 individuals in the remote areas around my town with a distance of 150km to 300km between 5 outlying communities. I would like to know what licensing and regulation I would need to know to make this business successful. please contact me...brian.castine@sunrise.org.au
  • ignacio mendoza said on August 25, 2010
    i have a piggery and i would like to open a meat shop in the city. what are the things i need to do to get this done. thanks
  • Rolake said on August 25, 2010
    I would like to set up a butchery in Nigeria and would like a checklist for equipment I would need.
  • Javier Ruiz said on August 29, 2010
    I live in Raleigh NC and the idea on having a butchery has been in my mind for a while. I need some help on getting the ideas on how to start this biz.
  • Cris Sanchez said on August 31, 2010
    I just closed down a deli restaurant and have some equipment I would like to put to work. I would like some information on the most necessary equipment needed to open a meat market. What are the things I need to get started?
  • Zia Zukhairi said on September 4, 2010
    Hi, i would like to get a startup guides for frozen food distribution (beef, lamb & chicken)in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Would be great to have some inside views how to run the business. Guide to open a meat shop would be great too. Thank you and best regards. Zia Zukhairi
  • Moshe Cohen said on September 6, 2010
    hi my name is moshe. i'm looking to open a kosher meat shop at Los Angeles area. i feel there is a luck of a kosher meat and i see that as a good business potential. but i know nothing on this industry. i would like to know if you can recommend me on some one, company or a person who can guide me with the process. but before that i would like to know the financial potential for a meat shop. thank you for your time. Moshe Cohen
  • CAmaro said on September 9, 2010
    i am planning to open my meat shop in Santa Clarita, CA 91387
  • jose kops said on September 13, 2010
    I am a pig keeper for the last five years. I would like to know how to prepare meat/pork for the supermarkets. Please tell me best to cut the meat and the equipment need for the process.
  • Monique Harriell said on September 15, 2010
    How much it would costs to start up a meat shop business to sell package meat, spices and others. I need to know what is needed to open a business like that in Columbus, GA.
  • Shae Bair said on September 17, 2010
    I want to know how much it will cost to start a custom meat shop. Also approximately how many animals is it possible to butcher in one day (Beef and pigs), with 1 full time employee and 1 part time? Hansen, ID
  • leah said on September 19, 2010
    i would like to know how much would be my capital if i will be setting up a meatshop here in quezon city. should i rather get a supplier that would deliver meats pre-cut already since i have no matadors and i have no background in butchering? or would it be better that i do get a supplier directly from farm-northern or southern of manila based that i will get it as live weight? what are my options, i'm just starting out.
  • Joey said on September 20, 2010
    I am from Shaunavon, sask. Canada we have a 120x60 lot looking to build a meat shop on it with a delly in the front. We need building blueprints would like to know where to get some from?
  • stanley imbali said on September 26, 2010
    i would like to start a meat shop in hanford California USA no meat butchery around, tell me how to go about it?
  • Ryan said on September 27, 2010
    Re John (#123) and Penglish (#139), I'm starting a grass-fed and organics butchery in southern New England and could use some partners and/or investors. Let me know if you're interested in discussing.
  • Nadeem Ali said on October 1, 2010
    How to start Halal Meat shop in toronto? How much capital is required? Is there any need of qualification and experience? Is bank financing available for this business?
  • mrs james said on October 3, 2010
    Wants to start up a small meat shop in Trinidad and Tobago what is the start up machinery and equipments needed. Is there any institute that help with financing
  • nerijus Mukase said on October 13, 2010
    If there is anybody wants to start their own meat shop, i can provide you with meat products... sausages.. and so on.. we do have licenses to sell in EU. In very good pricing. Nerijus@aisyte.net
  • Dr Matthew said on October 15, 2010
    Hi, i'm a veterinarian and have this lingering passion to start a healthy meat shop in Lagos state of Nigeria. Pls kindly supply info you think i will need including needed equipment, basic plan and procedures for purchasing processed meat supplies from abroad.
  • Soban Singh said on October 19, 2010
    I am planning a business like meat shop, how to start my business with small capital..my location is here in varanasi city India. Please give me information about all the equipments and as well as approximate investment
  • Murugesh said on October 22, 2010
    I am planning a business like modernized meat shop, how to start my business in my location is here in perudurai city,Tamil nadu,India. Please give me information about all the equipments and as well as approximate investment to start fully modernized meat shop
  • praman said on October 24, 2010
    i am planning to open a meat shop in my home town. so can you suggest me abt decoration and 1st step to set up a meat shop, i am totally new to this business so pls tell me abt how to keep clean and meat preservation method ,my location is mostly Hindu,Buddhist,christian so which meat should i sell in my shop,and if possible could you pls send me a method to cut a meat & some picture of meat shop
  • Discountworld said on October 25, 2010
    I'll like to start a meat shop i.e just kill cow and butcher and sell for a start. The power supply in my area could be erratic. Pls advise as to the necessary equipment and or training if necessary. Likely capital involvement if possible.
  • Bimpe said on November 4, 2010
    i will like to start a modern meat shop i need your advice on the kind of equipment and likely capital involvement. thanks
  • srikanth gowlikar said on November 8, 2010
    Hi... I am Srikanth from Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh, India. I have 10 years of experience in mutton & chicken business. I am 22 years old but I have 5 mutton and chicken shops in Hyderabad. I want to promote my business. I need bussiness partners to increase my branchs all over hyderabad. you can contact me on my phone number: +918977990812 or Email me at srikanthgowlikars@gmail.com
  • christopher harris said on November 13, 2010
    i am looking to open a meat market but i don't know how to tell the different type of meats cuts. there aren't any meat shops in my area so i think it would be smart to start a meat market.there are a large amount of people waiting on this kind of shop.i just need a few tips on where to start and how to open a meat market. thank you and god bless you
  • L. Sanjit said on December 1, 2010
    I'm Sanjit, I would like to start a business for meat shop in delhi, there is 2/3 another shops already exist but they are not well organised. my question is from where should I bring Meat as bulk buying and required equipments at low investment. thanks.
  • Renea Maynard said on December 13, 2010
    Am interested in opening my own meat & vegetable shop, can you tell me what equipment i will need & how much capital. Its going to be a small business then as we grow it will expand. I live in Barbados west Indies.
  • Audrey said on December 20, 2010
    I would like to open a meat shop. I want some Idea on how many Kilograms of meat does a typical meatshop here in Manila sell in a day?
  • Surya Prasad Baral said on December 28, 2010
    hello, I am Surya Prasad Baral From Pokhara ,Nepal ( asian country ) I have started a small sausage industry in my country. I am selling sausage in my area since 2000. Now I am thinking to upgrade my products and want to make the best sausage in the market. But for that I do not have any medium to give me special training. I want to take training in germany as we make sausage here in our country in german technology based. So please help he to upgrade my product by taking training in germany in sausage making. Please suggest me where can I get such trainings.
  • Chase said on January 7, 2011
    HI i'm going to open a meat shop in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Any info you can offer will be a great help.
  • abegail baron said on January 9, 2011
    hello i've run a meat shop business here in the philippines but its not profitable...please advice me what to do....
  • Jeff said on January 13, 2011
    Full Line of slaughterhouse equipment for sale. (saw,grinder,sausage stuffer,slicer,scales,tenderizer,vac packer,smoker oven,rails,tables, etc... from kill floor to processing room. Located in Northern Ontario, Canada. 705-563-8131
  • Henny said on January 18, 2011
    I would like to open a small meat shop in our country, Philippines. I would like to know the equipment should I consider to purchase and other necessary government permits. Will appreciate your advice.
  • Quentin said on January 19, 2011
    Hey I have options for sale of Sausages and meat products in India & Sri Lanka, those who have stock, licenses & export requirements are free to contact me. quentin@mmax.in
  • Robert A. Moore said on January 24, 2011
    Looking to open a butcher shop in IL USA would like to know what procedures and license would I need to do so can you help?
  • Bryan said on January 25, 2011
    I am situated in Johhanesburg in South Africa. How do I go about opening a butchery in a township. Do I need to have a license of trading meat or what. I have a registered company with Ck and everything.
  • Joshua said on January 27, 2011
    I live in Louisburg Ks. USA would like to know what it takes to open a meat market in this location. Also are there any government or state grants/loans to help promote meat sales or agriculture new business.
  • TT said on January 28, 2011
    I would like to understand what is the acceptable profit margin for a butchery business in South Africa. As i am interested in opening one.
  • lerato said on January 31, 2011
    I want to have a meat shop in Boksburg. please i want to know what i really need to have. thanx. your kind and urgent respond will be really appreciated
  • Raghul said on February 2, 2011
    If you want to start up a business, don't give credit, always use cash & Carry business. Keep your premises neat and clean, Hygenic is very important it will protect your health also.
  • JIRE said on February 2, 2011
    I wish to know the procedures for processing, tenderizing, how to make prime cuts and package in beef for sales at meat shops.
  • Nana Asante Twum said on February 2, 2011
    hi,i just about starting my meat processing unit from scratch and need all i can get on the subject.this includes the equipment i need (with pictures if possible), their prices, personnel needed, their qualifications ,the works!!!!!all of it.....Accra,Ghana
  • Shahzad said on February 5, 2011
    I have to start a Meat Shop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Can any one tell me how to prepare Business Establishment Plan?
  • Christopher said on February 20, 2011
    I'm looking into starting a meat shop in washington state. Need some ideas of how others have done it. Thanks, Chris
  • Allain said on February 25, 2011
    I would like to start a meat retail business in Chad (Central Africa) in one of the main towns. Where I would like to open my business has no proper meat business except those informal meat stalls in the market. The quite unhygienic. I would like to be the first to start a western style meat business and I am optimistic that it will sell well. However, I have a management degree but no practical experience at all. Therefore, I would like to know what is the average costs in starting a meat business, its requirements in terms of capital, experience and personnel. Thanks a lot. Allain
  • Brian said on March 2, 2011
    My father has farm and have been raising beef cattle for over 25yrs. We would like to start a meat market to sell organic beef. What are the legal requirements to sell beef cuts, steak cuts, ground meat to the public? Location of the business would be tylertown, mississippi
  • bills said on March 9, 2011
    i am trying to open a halal butcher store in plainsboro nj. but i have no idea where to start. how to start, what should i look for? please help me.
  • James expert adviser said on March 10, 2011
    @bills, start with the basic things. Is there a need of butcher shop in your locality. Do a survey to know the answer. If there is a need then do you have a meat suppliers in nearby area? Do you have a nice location to open your store. Licensing will not cost you lot but there are some prerequisites that you need to meet for applying a license.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Jack de Waal said on March 11, 2011
    I am a game hunter in Namibia and are looking for a partner in this hunting & butchery business. Contact me at 09264 81 220 6644 if you are interested as a partner.Thanks Jack


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