“How to Start a Meat Shop?”
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  • Nana Asante Twum said on March 16, 2011
    i come from accra, ghana. i just came out university after majoring in animal science and i'm interested in starting my own meat shop. apart from my knowledge from school, i have no professional expertise on the subject. i would please need any and every info i can get....tips, equipment, prices, personnel, marketing, the works.hope you can help.thanks
  • Ciao Bangara said on March 17, 2011
    We are investors seeking local partners in country's who have meats. We can bring in equipments and financing from North America. Please contact the chairman directly: ATG2@hotmail.com Please send you name, number and email and we shall respond adequately. Thank you
  • paul said on March 22, 2011
    Lagos, Nigeria. What are the equipment needed for a modern meat shop and necessary logistics. regards.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 25, 2011

    @paul, Hi Paul, These are the equipments you can use for meat shop

    • Meat saw
    • Grinder
    • Meat slicer
    • Shelf Platter Carts
    • Butcher Block Table
    • Scales
    • Ice Bins
    • Patty Machine
    • Pan Washers
    • Meat Cuber
    • Plastic Wrapper
    • Shoparound Cart
    • Nylon Cutting Table

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • paul said on March 30, 2011
    Thanks, Raghunath Natarajan, for your response, please could you tell me where i could source these equipment both old and new @ affordable prices. Best regards and thanks again.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 31, 2011

    @paul, you can find many used ones in ebay and craigslist. eBay is also good for new equipments. You can also google the equipment to see some local stores.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Phil M. said on March 31, 2011
    Hi , i'm from germany i was butcher for 3 years and now i'm on my way to my master in food technology and management.. i learned all that what you need from slaughtering the animals, boning out, producing all kinds of sausages, producing ham , i move to the usa mid 2012 id like to get a good job in a meat company like team trainer e.g. so my question where in the states is the biggest meat business ? Regards
  • yna said on April 3, 2011
    hi! i'm from philippines and a food technologist, i'm interested in opening a meat shop, is there a need for me to hire a service of a veterinarian?
  • juan herrera said on April 5, 2011
    my name is juan herrera i live in miami florida but i'm thinking of going back to my country HONDURAS AND i will like to start my meat shop i will like to know where can i find the butcher equipment good and cheap thank u...
  • ricky williams said on April 5, 2011
    my name is ricky williams i live in Magnolia,Arkansas. i would like to start a meat market, what steps i should take?
  • paul ekhato said on April 10, 2011
    dear, Raghunath, thanks a million for your help, but i am having difficulty about the meat saw, some are so cheap and some very expensive, are they the same, especially the biro products or is it the functions, because i want to place the order. Regards, you have been so helpful.
  • kumbulani said on April 19, 2011
    Hi,I want to start a beef,sheep/lamb & pig abattoir in the Border region Eastern Cape, South Africa. How much would it cost to construct such a facility considering I have the land that has been approved for such an establishment by the Municipality & is this a viable type of business.
  • Tracy Youngblood said on April 26, 2011
    Hello, we have a farm here in Arkansas and want to sell our products through our own meat store. we wish to butcher our own meat for customers, wondering if you can help with what legalities, licenses, permits, etc. we need to acquire in this process? many thanks, Tracy YOungblood
  • Zanethemba said on June 8, 2011
    My name is zanethemba and in South Africa/Cape town/Kraaifontein, my area is a meat demanding area people have to travel to town to buy meat so my idea of starting a meat shop would not only be a grate success for me but a stress ender to my neighbors so i need help in order to do this i don't know where to start i need assistance.
  • mshana said on June 10, 2011
    my name is Mshana in Tanzania I expect to be General manager in new meat process industry with full equipment and machine. What can I do about to ensure production of 1 tonne of meat daily? Capital are in place.
  • Zabed Mostafa said on June 14, 2011
    Goodday. I am planning a business like modernized meat shop, how to start my business in my location is here in Winnipeg city,Mnitoba, Canada. I've little capital to start. I want to start with partners.Please give me information about all the equipments and approximate investment to start fully modernized meat shop. Please provide me a business plan for that including the aspects of legalities, licenses, permits, etc..
  • B.Anandan said on June 21, 2011
    My Name is Anandan, I have completed diploma in petroleum engineering and present working in L&T. I am planning to pull out from my current job and interest to start a meat shop in my location with neatly & hygienic and to supply to hotel, party and daily sale with latest equipment. Pls guide men how much capital need to start the business and I would also want to know the advantages and disadvantages, the initial set up and the requirements to start up the chicken and mutton shop. Kindly advise me on the equipment to procure with their pictures and process for bank loan. Pondicherry, India.
  • Kate Galaman said on July 6, 2011
    Hi, my name is Kate and I'm from Toronto Ontario. I would like to open up a meat shop in the city and would like to find out more information. How much capital is needed to open up a shop downtown. Where do I look for top quality meat suppliers. What equipment is needed to have a fully functional meat shop. etc. Any links for info would be great. Thank you.
  • carlo said on July 7, 2011
    Hi I'm Carlo want 2 open my own butcher I have more than 15 yrs experience in butcher managing a butcher 4 5yrs and need information about a business plan 4 a butcher and get finance for it are managing your butcher
  • John Bosco Ssenyonga said on July 9, 2011
    I am a trained butcher here in the peri-urban area of Kampala-Uganda with an experience of 18 years in meat technology. I acquired used meat processing equipment four years ago but I am lacking a push (some money) to get started. Any links to some one who can lend me a hand financially will be of a great help to me. John Bosco Ssenyonga, Uganda.
  • Kaurika Putuaota said on July 13, 2011
    I am in Namibia farming with beef cattle for the last 35 years.Would like to start a small butchery. And I need business plans, equipment requirements. How to be successful strategies? I am residing in Windhoek
  • Butcher bill said on July 13, 2011
    This business is in california, Sacramento area.of the USA. I am 35 years of meat industries. From whole cattle to hanging hoofs(meaning all edibles of meat,deer,pigs,bear,)I am looking for financing and maybe partners.I do all the work you be paid back for financial investment.I am going after a building (bankowned) with full kitchen.need about $700,000.00 this will buy the building,and equipment,and furbish all goods for sale,with operating cash as back up.I will cater to all golf courses in the area.restaurants in the area, along with a hot kitchen for fast foods.20,000 people within two miles. and yes there are big chains stores. But not like this. if interested please contact me at w.gallagher@comcast.net thank you William.
  • Butcher bill said on July 13, 2011
    well this is a old fashion butcher shop I am talking about from the above description. we will cut our products from the beef to chicken ,filet our own fish,with this it is the freshes around.Big chain store do not even know how to break beef cut up chickens,or filet fish.everything is done for them.this is why the price is high.again.thank you investors for looking . Butcher Bill old fashion butcher shop
  • Nwala Maureen said on August 1, 2011
    I am a University Lecturer and I live in Abuja Nigeria. I am interested in starting a meat shop and meat processing factory. Where do I look at in shopping for equipment and what materials can I get for assistance
  • Jennylin Griarte said on August 5, 2011
    I am interesting in meatshop business in my country philippine but i dont know how much capital should i need and how to start.hope and wait for your good idea.thank you!
  • Tej Bikram Chand said on August 12, 2011
    I am also interesting in meatshop business in my country Nepal but I don't know about this business how to start and how much capital should I need to start this business. I am waiting for your ideas that's gonna be help me to start this business. Thank You,,,,,,,,
  • Nadia said on August 16, 2011
    I would like to open a meat shop in Baltimore, MD. I know where I can go and buy a cow can I just sale the meat or there is a huge procedure in order to sell the meat of that cow?
  • David Butler said on August 27, 2011
    For Ryan Chan. Please contact me via email if you're still interested in meat shop.
  • ayanda said on September 8, 2011
    I'm an entrepreneur in south africa in Dordrecht and I wud like to incorporate selling meat on barbecue in a pub but m not sure if it will work but I'm eager to try pls help
  • Armand D. Jumalon said on September 9, 2011
    Hello! I'm Armand from Philippines. I have a small meatshop company selling pork, poultry and beef meat. I have also a small piggery farm. I started my business since 2002, the important things to do business as meat retailers is selling good quality meat, don't hesitate to dispose or throw unsold meat that are already in bad conditions, or don't ever re-process them into sausage, bla bla bla. Be sure to manage the meat shrinkage.
  • Idowu, O. M. said on September 13, 2011
    I would also like to start a meat shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Can you help with the business plan?
  • Ching Camara said on September 14, 2011
    Hi I live in Manila Philippines but I have a farm in Botolan, Zambales where I grow organic vegetables and now I started raising pigs and chickens naturally using feeds that are enzyme based without hormones or medications. I have begun selling my meat in Manila to individuals but I want to learn more about aging pork meat as i read in the internet that pork meat can be aged for additional flavor and tenderness. I got a special chiller where temperatures can be controlled and I age the pork for 5 days at minimum 4 degrees centigrade as the internet said. Meat seems to taste better this way but I want to know more about this. I also want to look for more markets and so rather than putting up my own meat shop I would rather supply meat shops in Manila or between Zambales and Manila.
  • Ellah Emmanuel said on September 17, 2011
    How do i sell beef and goat meat effectively in a predominantly pork meat consumption locality.
  • jdmason said on September 20, 2011
    I have 20 years retail meat cutting and process game and make sausage on the side would love to open my own meat shop but lack the funds to get started. I live in Tacoma in WA state and would to find a investor to partner with
  • Patrik Nilsson said on September 23, 2011
    Hi there! I am from Sweden and involved in one of northern Europes biggest company, selling used Meat/food processing equipment. We only have top brand products for a "piece" of what new brand cost! Please contact me on patrik.nilsson@pharmeragroup.com and we will help You forward.
  • Fred Scaggs said on October 4, 2011
    I am in Branfrod FL and want to start a rabbit butchering shop and need specifications for constructing a processing building.
  • Jesse Okoye said on October 7, 2011
    Hi, I'm interested in starting a fish and poultry meat shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Please advise me on what it will take, capital and challenges to expect. Thank you
  • catherine gomez said on October 10, 2011
    u would like to open a meatshop business. i need supplier. a small capital to start with.
  • Mme Bessong Ethel said on October 12, 2011
    Hello! I am interested in starting a meat and fish shop in Douala, Cameroon. Please I will need your advice on what it entails to start one. Thank you very much while waiting for your advice.
  • nor riang said on October 13, 2011
    hello! i am interested in opening a meat shop in my hometown agartala ,tripura in india n i want ur help to how 2 run my business successfully its a small town n how much do i need to invest money for it
  • TN Nyambeni said on October 17, 2011
    Where and how long does it take to get a butchery license in South Africa?
  • Kevin Aisi said on October 20, 2011
    I am interested in starting a meat shop that will handle cows, pigs and chickens. I'm interested in knowing what equipment I would need to get started. please I need your help
  • kgabo meso said on October 20, 2011
    Hi, My name is Kgabo Meso, I am interested in a butchery/shisa nyama in a rural Limpopo area, I would appreciate your advice regarding the viability of the business and start-up costs for such a business including basic equipments.
  • mr sarmento said on October 20, 2011
    hi, i'm from indonesia. I'm butcher sell beef meat in traditional market at my country. I plan to open meat shop around big city. The problem is i have no enough money to start this business. Can you give me some advise to spell my problem, or maybe you can give me a little money ha ha . . Just kidding. Thanks before !
  • P.S Vokwana said on October 21, 2011
    I'm a 19year old male from Alice Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa. I have a small pig farm and i am interested in opening up a meat(porker) shop. But i don't have enough start up capital so can anyone out there please finance me with the start up capital.
  • Demola Oloko said on October 24, 2011
    I am interested in opening a meat shop in ikeja and abule egba, both in lagos state, nigeria. Kindly send me the information i need to achieve this dream. Thank you.
  • kevin said on October 26, 2011
    I am interested in opening slaughterhouse. I live in Mansfield Ar,I took meat cutting at Tri-rivers in Maroin Ohio back in 1980-1982,I work as a meat cutter most of my life.I was wondering if we have any grants out there to help me start, If so were do i begin?Thank you.
  • Jonathan Chipro said on October 27, 2011
    Am running a butchery in newlands Harare, Zimbabwe. Would like some tips of how to make it profitable. I already grow Chickens and Pigs at my small holding. What other products can I include in the butchery.
  • neven ramesh said on November 1, 2011
    Hi i reside in Durban , i would like to open up a butcher shop in the Isipingo area , what are the requirements , and were in Durban can i obtain all the equipment that i will require , do i need a license to sell meat ??
  • Ochuko Odion said on November 3, 2011
    I am trying to put together all that would be required to start up an ultra-modern meat and fish shop in Warri Nigeria. Please assist with share-able experience to help me set it up. Equipment and modern processes involved. Thank you.
  • Abubakar yuuguda said on November 8, 2011
    I have a slaughter house here in kaduna, Nigeria. I am involved in processing beef and would like to have more Market in Nigeria and probably Europe. any prospective buyers?
  • Gabobofane Odisitse said on November 11, 2011
    i would like to start a meat shop in botswana gaborone,and i want to what is needed in terms of how much capital i should need how to select the perfect location to start the business. how to write a business plan, proposal and also if not meat shop i also have other intention of running an internet cafe so please if you can advise me in both of them so that a have a better option.
  • BEN said on November 11, 2011
    i am also interested to open a meat shop business(Cows,Sheep,Goat,Chicken) in Denver colorado. please, can you give me some information and strategy to start a meat shop business. like how much will it cost me, new or used equipment? any other helpful information? belgacem51@hotmail.com
  • vincent mashigo said on November 11, 2011
    hi there I want start meat shop but no clues where to start in Umzimkhulu and Harding in KZN
  • tutu said on November 19, 2011
    hi, looking for a slaughter house that can supply fresh meat for meat shop..surulere lagos.
  • Dalene said on November 22, 2011
    I am looking at starting a butchery in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I am looking for information on the equipment needed, the sizes of cold rooms available, is there another way to keep the meet cold other than a cold room? What licenses is needed for running a butchery?
  • Trevor said on November 26, 2011
    Does anyone know how to buy or have any connections on getting meat rails in Queensland Australia I am very desperate please right back asap and if so does anyone no how to instal them
  • Ranjeet said on November 27, 2011
    Hello i would like to set up a piggery slaughter house. what are the requisite formalities need to do. I mean location required and government permission and all. plz get back to me if anyone has idea. Thanks & Regards
  • Toki said on November 27, 2011
    I am from Shillong, Meghalaya , India and am interested in setting up a meat store. Where can I get the equipment in India for this type of enterprise. Saw the comments of Raghunath Natarajan on the subject and would be interested in an answer. ASm specially interested in refrigerated show cases and packaging equipment for retail.
  • nolly said on November 27, 2011
    Hi, I live in port-harcourt nigeria,I want 2 open a retail and wholesale meat and fish shop, pls I need information on paper work,quality equipments including fridge and generator how 2 buy dem,where 2 buy d products at d cheapest place possible and how best to preserve d goods...tanks a lot
  • eulogio tolentino said on November 28, 2011
    Hi, I'm still active in my job right now but thinking my future while in this job. And planning business processing meat like sausage, hotdogs, burger. I don't know how much money i need to spend and paper works need to be done. Do i need to go a class for this business.
  • debbie gantuangco said on November 28, 2011
    hi i'm debbie from cebu city, phils.. i am very interested in meat shop business, id like to ask how much capital do i need including the equipments and where can we purchase it? i also want ask where can i find good pig farms here in cebu city with reasonable prices.. i hope you can guide me in this venture.. tanx a lot
  • Aziza Africander said on December 5, 2011
    My Manager has more than 30 years working experience in the meat industry in South Africa and I do all the clients and admin . We are a dynamic team who will be able to make and sell the best of all the products . We need an overseas partner to assist financially. Profits will be big!
  • nolly said on December 6, 2011
    Hi, I'm nolly from port harcourt, I'hv sent a comment before but didn't get a reply ....I know meat is a profitable business but I don't know how the profit is made...I need about 400,000 to start up the business, a carton of chicken is presently 10,000,how much profit will I make per carton? I'hv no experience on meat
  • Felina Galut Lagadon said on December 15, 2011
    Hi I'm working here at KSA..I want to ask for a tips on starting business about meat shop. How much maybe the starting capital of putting up that kind of business. By the way I'm a Fiipina and i want to put up in our own province wet market. Thanks and i hope to here some good tips about this.
  • David Ejiole said on December 16, 2011
    I need to start a meat business and don't know and good place to start, am in Nigeria and how much will it cost looking at a small shop.?
  • Dale Smith said on December 22, 2011
    Starting a meat processing shop in Royston Ga. Could use some brochures about used equipment
  • Augustino Matutu said on December 23, 2011
    i am employed by a bank and have never undertaken any business of my own. wish so much to start a meat shop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. but i really do not know how and what it takes to establish a good attractive butchery in a city with more than 4 million people. pls assist.
  • Titus said on January 4, 2012
    i want to start a meat shop so i dont know where to go or who i must speak with or what 1st actions must i take.. Please advice me..
  • Michael said on January 4, 2012
    We what start up a Meat processing shop ,slaughter house & smoke meats too, I have been a custom meat cutter for 30 years, My Wife & I want to work for ourselves we live in a small town in Montana,do you have any information for us! How do we get the financing for a build & equipments? thanks
  • Teklal shrees said on January 6, 2012
    Hi. I am from malaysia but my home city is in nepal. I want to open pig meat shop but i don't know how to start. Can you help me ?
  • banuba said on January 10, 2012
    I am fresh graduate from a renowned university in Ghana. I have been thinking of running meat shop. Is it advisable to package meat in transparent disposable plastic containers.
  • om gauchan said on January 16, 2012
    hi , greetings from the himalayan kingdom of Nepal, i want to start a perfect butcher shop in kathmandu, i want to get start from small money,with chicken and goat at first, it is possible for me sir, so would u please to suggest me sir, and i'm looking for a complete catalog of guide book for perfect butcher shop,with pictures all if possible, so i'm really waiting your answer sir, can u help me please sir,?
  • DJ said on January 25, 2012
    Hi! I need advice. Me and my wife are planning to open a Dressed Chicken Station.. no pork meat yet. What can you advice for starters like us? This will be our first time to open a business with limited capital. What will be our possible monthly expenses like electricity, how much will it cost us? We live in Davao City, Philippines. Thank you.
  • Moronfade samuel beginner adviser said on January 30, 2012
    Moronfade samuel one amongst the best meat shop,sausages,freshmeats,burger,bacon,display of meats,butchery consultant 13yrs exp.from south africa call 08020685390 lagos nigeria

    Ph: +2348020685390,08020685390

  • maru jastoni said on January 30, 2012
    i would like to know how to start a meat shop business the utilities and equipment needed and where can i buy this stuff..? and do you have any known person who can possibly help in the first step of this business?
  • Nomvula Sowambi said on February 1, 2012
    Hi I'm a African female stayed in Cape Town Phillipi erea. I am working.I would like to start my own business for butchery , I dont have money, I would like to have a business partner as well, where can I get money and a place where can i get meat to start for a business even if starting with small amount. I need an urgent assistance. Please help. I am passionate about business but , I need support for the people who have experience. Thank you
  • Aliu said on February 3, 2012
    I am a meat dealer at the Abbatoir in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. I am willing to be a full time meat shop supplier, but I need to write a good proposal that would be attractive to prospective clients like hotels, fast food outlets, big restaurants etc. I would be most grateful if anyone could help me in this regard. my email ad is sunmolaalli@yahoo.com
  • paul said on February 12, 2012
    I would like to know if its advisable to start establish a butcher shop and still keep my current job.
  • ABDUL said on February 20, 2012
    I am from Bangalore capital of the state of Karnataka in India. I have taken up a shop on rent and it would be great help if u could guide me to set up a hygienic 3 in 1 butcher's shop for sea food, poultry and sheep meat. The shop's main area is about 10x25 and 11x10 attached at the right end. Pl help me to setup all the three varieties neatly. The 11x10 portion i have kept it for chicken cutting and cleaning. Your suggestions in this regard is awaited with baited breath. Regards! ABDUL
  • Rajitha said on February 29, 2012
    i am from srilanka i have taken shop on rent and it would be great help if u guide me to set up a hygienic in farm shop for chicken meat & egg. Thanking you, Rajitha
  • Zahra said on March 2, 2012
    I'm from south africa in durban i would like to start a butcher shop i need to know how will i start.
  • anwar said on March 8, 2012
    i wana open a meat shop in brampton . i wana to know what are the requirement .where i throw garbage of meet ? what equipment i need for chicken,beef ,l am, goat and fish .
  • Graham Burns said on March 13, 2012
    hi there i'm a studying at polyteck and i'm doing a assignment on opening a small butchery shop and would like some info im in New Zealand and live in Rotorua the size of the shop is 60 by 60 sq mt i would be glad if you could send me any info as i need to get my Assignment in by 1-4-2012. thank you for your time yours faithfully Graham Burns
  • paoal medina said on March 30, 2012
    hi am from Honduras, i would like to get some constructive idea how to start my own meat shop business.I have some ideas but i dont know how to start.Also i would like to incorporate fish production in to the business. hopefully the business will function the way i have been planing it. thank you paola
  • jit tamang said on April 17, 2012
    meet shop as like live goats. ducks. hens, philadelphia pa united states.
  • ruth said on April 23, 2012
    i want to start a frozen meat shop in Lagos ,Nigeria. my plan is to sell retail and in bulk (cartons). will be happy to know about equipments needed and ideas of what kinds of meat to start up with, and what products i can look into stocking in the nearest future
  • OLUMIDE said on May 4, 2012
  • javed said on May 9, 2012
    I have small capital and would like to start Halal Meat store in Brampton, Ontario, I have no business experience and also i have no meat cutting experience.
  • Arthur said on May 11, 2012
    Hey i wanna open big meat warehouse in Los Angeles, ca. Can someone help me where can i find farmers that sell cows, pigs, sheeps(100 of them) but i want them to butcher for me plz email me thanks
  • Harvey said on June 13, 2012
    I have had the dream to open a meat market for over 20 years. I have about 18 years experience in cutting meat and managing many meat markets in the NC area. I finally am stepping out on faith and getting ready to embark at trying to get this business off the ground. i have read several threads, the best thing to do is to stick to it and dont give up. Winston-Salem, NC
  • Sabina said on June 27, 2012
    Hi i live in UK, Greater Manchester. I have found a shop farm where i would want to start a butchery as it is very near to a busy main road as well as 3miles from town centre which makes it ideally, i have identified my market already and i'm in the processes of starting before December, now what sort of registration do i need for me to get started, and also is there any place that offers training in meat cutting, and how do i create a cold room that is needed for storing meat or i dont need it since i am only starting. Can someone please help and email me. Many thanks
  • Richard Mokobo said on July 5, 2012
    I want to start my new Mini Butchery selling meat/packs in the mining area of Mpumalanga Mines in South Africa.Please help with where/how to get license to trade?
  • david minnich said on July 5, 2012
    i am interested in opening a sausage / meat shop in Jacksonville,n.c. can you help me get started to keep it legal and safe
  • marie said on July 7, 2012
    Great day! I'm marie from Philippines. i work in UK . i need help or advice for my business, i have own poultry and piggery farm. i need marketing for my broiler and i want to learn about meat processing and meat shop i have commercial place in cavete and Pila laguna. all i need how to manage and start meat shop and meat processing. Please i need help for make business study.. who can help me please email me mariegaling06@yahoo.co.uk thanks so much ...
  • lyndon waga said on July 11, 2012
    I am lyndon from the Philippines. just like others i'm a beginner and i'd like to put up a MEAT SHOP in my place but i don't know how to start and what are the things needed in this kind of business. i am living far enough to the wet market which i think MEAT SHOP is best to be operated here. so please help me about this. thank you so much, may God bless you always...sincerely, lyndon waga.
  • lyndon waga said on July 11, 2012
    it's me again, please include all the equipments and appliances needed in MEAT SHOP business... thank you once again. GOD BLESS!!!
  • Ednah said on July 12, 2012
    Silas Ndagi. i am in Botswana and also looking for a partner to start a butcher shop together. If u still looking and interested, please let me know. there is good potential for business in my country.
  • vc endino said on July 18, 2012
    i want to start a meat shop but wish to know how to go about it
  • Cato said on July 23, 2012
    I am starting from scratch... not much knowledge on meat cutting and the such but I am really interested to put up a meat shop in the Philippines. Maybe someone can help me by providing me with valuable information regarding the actual planning and going-live stage of the business. I want to start small and i'll see from there if it is feasible. Maybe someone from the Philippines can send me a list of meat suppliers as well. Thank you in adv. Please e-mail me at cato.cruz@yahoo.co.uk
    @Lyndon Waga - hows the start-up planning going? i am also a beginner located in the phils and would like to start up a meat shop business.. but i'm not sure how much will it cost.
    @Pedro - maybe you can share with us some insights on the meat cutting process as I have limited knowledge on this.


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