“How to Start a Lobster Farm”
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  • janice said on June 3, 2015
    I sell fingerlings lobster. please contact me if you're interested. thank you! 09324230948
  • shantanu dinda said on June 9, 2015
    Hi, I am interested to start lobster farming in west bengal, possibly in purba medinipur of west bengal. What are the minimum requirements for establishing such farming. Please share the better options with me at "rekhohridaye@gmail.com". Shantanu
  • GO said on June 23, 2015
    I want to start the business. Please contact me.
  • Sabari said on August 8, 2015
    hi I am Sabarinathan. It is possible to lobster forming in non coastal areas. Because I am from non coastal area. if it is possible means please guide me.
  • Leo said on August 24, 2015
    Seeking investor or finance for lobster/shrimp farm. Caribbean location. lobstersxm@gmail.com
  • Leo said on August 24, 2015
    @Janis 201 please contact me as soon as possible. lobstersxm@gmail.com
  • Steve said on September 1, 2015
    Can Maine lobsters live in a fenced in controlled area in the Florida Keys water?
  • Ali Mohamed said on October 17, 2015
    I am from Maldives. I am looking for a partner to start lobster farming business. Maldives is a country located in indian ocean. 98% of the area is sea and very suitable for lobster farming. we can save huge cost as artificial tanks need not be built. natural reefs and shallow water areas can be used to grow lobster. any one interested to invest you can contact me via mobile 00960 7940302 or email :ali.mode.x@gmail.com
  • james said on January 23, 2016
    Do you know a lobster farm here in luzon or if you hve Farm here so we can visit.
  • Mohamed Saleem said on February 19, 2016
    Hi ! I am Saleem, from the Maldives. WE are farming spiny lobster (Panulirus Versicolor. My email: aonefisheriesmr@gmail.com
  • Lucas Fang said on February 22, 2016
    Hello, i am from Myanmar, we are in the fishery business for more than 2 decade esp. in exporting marine fish. We would like to recruit and partner with technicians whose expert in breeding and farming lobster or fishes (fresh or seawater) which will do in Myanmar. If anyone of you (no matter is individual or company) get that profession and interested in that area, please do email me at minminaung21@gmail.com
  • Nguyen Khoa Nhat Tan said on February 27, 2016
    Hi,This is Nhat Tan from Vietnam. I'm doing spiny lobster business in Vietnam. I'm looking for spiny lobster hatchery in Indonesia to supply me Ornate spiny lobster for farming. Everyone who know about that please contact and help me by email: nguyenkhoanhattan@gmail.com Thank you very much.
  • Vaughan said on April 10, 2016
    Hello there,I would like to get information on how to start a small lobster farming business with the potential of growing into an international company. Kind regards Vaughan from New Zealand.
  • Mayur Gadhiya said on April 25, 2016
    Hello Sir/Madam.I'm from Veraval in Gujarat. I want to start Start a Lobster Farm can you please provide me useful information like Government schemes subsidy and minimum land requirement.I'm kindly waiting for your email.
  • husain zabeeb said on May 7, 2016
    hello sir, i would like to start a lobster business in Jordan. I need help on buying the seedlings and selling the final mature lobsters. What all i need to know and buy for this? hzabeb@hotmail.com, mobile and whats up / 0097433233248
  • Jonsaa... beginner adviser said on June 23, 2016
    Hi! I'm Josaa from the Philippines lot of knowledge about lobster farming to everybody wants to invest lobster farming I'm willing to help..as partner!!!?? Contact me this no..09261367285

    09261367285 || Jonsaa35@yahoo.com || Consultant

  • Jonsaa... beginner adviser said on June 23, 2016
    I can also provide for any body needs a fingerlings of tiger lobster..contact me anytime....

    09261367285 || Jonsaa35@yahoo.com || Consultant

  • sandip mahadev ingle said on June 27, 2016
    I would like to..lobster farming..pls give me your right website. and how to create lobster farming in low budget. n how to make lobster farming in small area..pls send my email id. Sandip.ingle09@gmail.com my country india..and state.maharashtra
  • prabhat kumar das said on July 29, 2016
    hi sir, i m prabhat, i m from odisha, i want to start this business. please suggest me how to start this business. and how much to invest for minimum amount. please replay as soon as possible.
  • Jerson said on August 8, 2016
    Good day. This is jerson from mindanao philipines. Looking for buyer of fingerling tiger lobsters transparent size to 200grams. U can contact me at 09128351360 or jerzky007@yahoo.com. we are volume supplier. 5,000-10,000pcs/week
  • karim said on August 11, 2016
    Hello, I'm interested in lobster farming and i'm from Tunisia. could please help me to find me a business partner to help me to start this business. My email : ben.ayedkarim@yahoo.fr
  • Kathy said on August 22, 2016
    Hi, I am from vietNam, i am looking for Juvenile fingerling lobster ( Species: Panulirus Ornatus). Please let me know if you can supply it. Please email to me: maithao.tg@hotmail.com
  • Jerson said on September 14, 2016
    Hi mam . Pls contact me at 09128351360
  • Kathy said on September 16, 2016
    @Jerson, I already sent email to you, please check your email
  • Charles delamielleure said on September 18, 2016
    I catch lobsters spiny Florida lobsters and am looking for buyers of live lobsters u can contact me @ hipittbull@Gmail.com thanks Chuck
  • Katherine Ruth said on February 3, 2017
    Hi! I am from The Philippines and I can supply FINGERLING LOBSTERS please contact me on +63 998 983 9814
  • stephen Gamburud said on March 15, 2017
    hai everyone. i am steven from east malaysia, borneo island. i would like to know weather spiny lobster are sensitive to red tide bloom. anybody please share your opinion. i have an area suitable for lobster farming and might start soon. can contact me gamburud@gmail.com
  • BART CRUZ said on April 13, 2017
    @Katherine Ruth. what part of the philippines are you based? because i am planning of venturing into the lobster business along coron, palawan area... but upon reading the thread here, mostly are from davao and visayas region. kindly email me back: bartbc2002@yahoo.com, thanks very much and best regards.
  • Agapit tirkey said on January 31, 2018
    sir i am interested in lobster farming in andaman and nicobar islands India. i want to know about the initial investment and how to start .
  • farhad mohamed nizar said on March 24, 2018
    Am looking for an investor who is interested in starting a lobster farm have 4 acre of land in the south coast of Mombasa Kenya and is the beach front, ideal for lobster, crabs or prawns farming, my email is farhad4111@gmail.com
  • Matt said on July 8, 2018
    Good day live in the Bahamas I would like to start a lobster farm and need help, can you write me back ASAP!!!
  • Roselan johar mohamed said on July 15, 2018
    I need to import baby lobster into kota kinabalu Sabah from the Philippines. is there anybody interested to do biz with me? my WhatsApp no is: +60198218888
  • Tetteh Laryea Koney said on March 1, 2019
    I am from Ghana i want to start my Tiger losbter farmimg how can i get fingerlings to buy


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