How to Start a Fireworks Business

Holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day and New Years is celebrated usually with the merry-making brought by the fireworks. The demand for pyrotechnics during this period is usually high and if you want a seasonal business that can give you a windfall, then this is the perfect business to enter into. Read on how to set up one.

If you are thinking of a business that sells well seasonally then probably there is no better seasonal venture out there that can really make you experience a windfall than fireworks business.

It is not a secret that during the holidays seasons like the 4th of July, Memorial Day and New Years, the demand to spice up the celebration is characterized by merry-making with the company of pyrotechnics. Every household and with some participation of some businesses share the joy of these holidays with others by firing up some fireworks in their neighborhood and streets.

Given this reality, you can practice your entrepreneurial expertise by starting a fireworks business. Below are some guides on how you can pull this idea with a good bang:

First thing First for Your Fireworks Business: Get a License

Understanding that fireworks is a two-edge sword that swing from giving fun and at the same time can pose danger to individuals and properties, the government usually regulate this kind of business by ensuring that every fireworks business has a license. So if you are thinking of setting up one, the first thing to do is to get a license from your local state government. You can get a form from the state’s government website, mail it with the appropriate fee and wait for the approval. The normal deadline for this kind of business is the first of May.

Where to Put a Stand for Your Fireworks Business

As been stated above, fireworks pose danger to individual safety and property, so the next thing after getting your license is contacting your local fire officials where in your area is selling fireworks legal. This task is needed because you have to avoid hassle with the laws and should find whether it is illegal to sell fireworks in their jurisdiction. If you find that it is illegal to sell fireworks in your area then your next move is to find where it is legal to set up your stand.

Set up a Stand for your Fireworks Business

Getting through with all the hassle of legal and paper works, it is time for you to set up a stand for your fireworks business. Setting up a stand is the advised place for your fireworks business since you can easily lock it up and selling to customer can be done by just handing the fireworks to them.


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