How to Start a Doggie Day Care

If you want to start a doggie day care, there are so many things that you need to address. This is quite easy to organize but you should have a solid plan.

Obtain a business license and try to have enough knowledge about different dog breeds. That way, you will know how to treat the dogs properly.

Starting Your Own Doggie Day Care

If love dogs, you can start a doggie day care business. There are various reasons for being in this kind of business. It can be that you’re not satisfied with the local pet day care service, or you want to become your own boss. Before you make a final decision, you have to consider the challenges and rewards of running a doggie day care. This is a promising business because dog owners are willing to spend any amount for their pet’s needs. In the US, around 38% of households own a dog.

Since there are different breeds of dogs, you need to be familiar with their needs and characteristics. With background on the dogs that you might handle, you can effectively provide for their needs like grooming, feeding, etc. When you are already familiar with the industry, you can now work on your business plan. This is the common mistake committed by people. Without plan, you can lose out money and you will only be wasting effort. You can begin with a home-based business but just make sure that you advertise your business well to enhance your market presence.


Since you’re just starting out, you don’t need to hire staffs. Just get enough pets that you can take care for a day and when you start getting more offers, you can hire 1-3 assistants. Don’t forget to purchase the needed supplies and equipment for the doggie day care. This type of business is different from the small time pet sitting service. It would be best to manage a legitimate doggie day care. That way, you can avoid potential legal issues and other relevant problems. You also purchase insurance to cover certain incidents or accidents related to the business.

To make your business stand out, you have to promote the business. You can go house to house and give away flyers or business cards. It would be best if you create a portfolio of the dogs you’ve cared for in the past. To learn the basics of the industry, it would be best if you get involved in dog sitting early on. That way, you will know how to get along with various breeds. You can never really tell the behavior of dogs, so to avoid accident dog bites, you have to be extra cautious. Give the dogs enough time to get used to your presence. Enhance your skills and know the latest trends on doggie day care. Soon, you will surely succeed and earn more profits.

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  • Adriane Gurtner said on April 22, 2011
    I would like to open up a doggie day care as well as a dog hotel. I am a Registered Veterinarian Technician who could off services such as nails, ears ,anal glands as well as grooming. I can be of assistance during an emergency or when a potential one is occurring. I can also administer diabetic medications or seizure medications. Thank you.


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