How to Start a Direct Sales Company

When you are thinking about starting your direct sales company, you need first to select products that you want to sell. Read the manual or start up kit provided so that you will know everything about the company including their terms and conditions.

It is advisable that you create a business plan to help you think about your goals and where you would want to take your business.

Starting a direct sales company can be daunting, scary and exciting thing all at once. Of course it is quite normal to be excited especially if you are venturing to a new kind of business. It is also typical to be a little scared and confused when you are just starting this kind of venture. The first thing that you have to do is to select a company that you want to represent. This is where you will get the items you would sell. Normally these companies have a manual for you to read that will guide you on how to sell their products. They even have starter kit that you could familiarize your self with. You might also want to check the company’s website that could give you an idea about the products that you might be selling. Be sure that you know by heart the policies and the guidelines set by company. You might be surprised that for some companies you are not allowed to advertise online. This manual or start up kit can also discuss on how you will get paid. Knowing this will be able to help in understanding how well will you able to maximize ways to earn money.

Starting a Direct Sales Company

When you are starting a business you will need to analyze how much capital you have. In this way you will know how much will you be working with. It will be easy for you to allocate expenses. The next thing that you need to have is a business plan. You will be surprised that there are many ways in which you can work with direct sales business. It will be best if you have a plan to guide you. You need to decide on how you are going to do your direct sales. You can do it in parties, tradeshows, online and more. Business plans can help you set goals. It can help you set goals that will define where you want to go. This way when you have set goals you can now be focus on how you can achieve them. For example you might want to earn 400 dollar a month. Then the next month you can add one hundred dollars on your sales. In your business plan, you can decide on the avenues in where you want to take your business. If for example you will be targeting events, set how many you want to go to in a month.

Marketing your Product for Direct Sales

Remember that all businesses need publicity and good marketing strategy. Direct sales company is not exempted. There are many ways to promote your business. You can opt to go for open house where you can invite people like your family, friends and neighbors. You can present to them the products that you are selling. Another option when it comes to marketing is to write and submit press releases to newspaper. You can post an ad to your local newspaper. You can also hand out flyers in the local mall or grocery stores. You can also use the internet in promoting your products and services. Approach establishments like for example schools, organizations and even restaurant when it comes to promoting your products. You can have set up a deal with them by sharing your commission to them. This is the best way to expand your market. Who knows you can be able to meet loyal customers. Advertising has the highest impact on a sells graph so be the smartest to promote your product and take your sells graph to a rising pick.


  • nathaniel said on November 14, 2009
    Hey well that sounds good but where do you fine the products to sell and how do you know if they are real or not is this like mlm?
  • HONNAPPA said on April 20, 2010
  • sandeep bhatt said on September 19, 2011
    my business locate is stat of gujarat in india and i want to start my business like export basmati rice to arab country and iran and singapore. so kindly know me how can it possible and how can i start it better? thinking you, my best regard. sandeep bhatt.
  • ashish gupta said on September 22, 2011
    hello sir i have product, actually we r manufacturer and whole seller and i want to go for direct selling but i m not getting how i will get the agent to sell it and is there any other company who can sale my product on commission. if yes than plz mail me the name and contact address of them and if not than tell me how i will get agent to sale my product and what should be my approach , i can not give them product i can not give them product in big quantity, they can run away and if i don't give than customer will not pay and after all that if i give product and customer pay they can run away with money, plz give me some solution of this problem...thank u
  • charles said on April 27, 2014
    hello am charles and i want to trade with you. my Skype is charles11_31


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