How to Set Up your Business Network

Anyone who aspires to set up a small business needs to make no mistake and needs a mentor on their business journey. For some people, joining different groups and associations is the practical way to find business knowledge.

You need to create your own network from scratch which is quite scary at first but it yields a great reward if you do it right.

Start With the Basics

Locate your telephone booth and look for other similar businesses with your own business that’s already running or is just starting. When you make the call, introduce yourself carefully and properly, maintaining the impression that you can offer something in return. Reciprocity is the lifeblood of a network. Check if there are groups who are already established where you can meet the owners of such. It is not an unknown fact that you may be competitors but there should be enough common ground to make the sharing of basic business information. If there is no group who exists, a party or a banquet would be the solution to this dilemma.

Work the room at the events you are attending or hosting. The main goal of this is to develop your leading skill and to help yourself associate with other business owners. Meeting at least two or three people from this event would help you be acquainted also to their friends. Distribute your business cards or your flyers. This will help you promote your business network and at the same time, they will be more interested to know you more because of the things you are giving them. Update your newly found acquaintances about future plans or events you might be doing.

Do Something Extra

Make some time to create personal relationships. Don’t just collect business cards and never really calling them. The best and successful networking business groups help members to do better through camaraderie and teamwork. If you are going to host an event, introduce yourself carefully to new people as they show up and spend a little extra time listening to their concerns and sentiments. After the event, catch up with those who attended your event. Try to prepare for a basic survey where you will send it to know what worked to them and what did not. Never forget to send brief but cute thank you notes to those people you have entertained in your event.

Promote your group first locally by sticking and giving off flyers on a bulletin board of a grocery store or posting some announcements on websites. Never be contented with the same number of members. Always welcome some new comers to share constant source of new ideas and inspiration. Make them feel and you should really mean it from your heart that you are welcoming them as a fellow business owner. These personal relationship that you are creating with these people will definitely make a good impression and later on when you will be the one who can help them in any other forms or kind, you will be more confident to help them and through this, you will be able to earn not just business colleagues but also your own friends.


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