How to Set Up a Flea Market

Swap meet or the so called flea market is famous for generating some extra earning or income which is a good kind of starting a business. This flea market is the area for those people who are looking for some extraordinary types of products.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to start a flea market.

The Area for Flea Market

In order for you to open up a flea market, the first thing you should do is to look for a place big enough for a flea market. You can buy a parcel of land or lease it. But if you already own a land that you are not really using, that would be enough as long as it has enough space for you to place the different vendors and there is enough path ways for the buyers. The area where you will start the flea market should be accessible and it should at least be close to the highway where people can easily see it and they can locate it very easily. Since you will be dealing with several or lots of people, you should spare some space for the parking area of the vehicles used by the buyers. With this, you will be able to organize the whole place. It would be a very crowded place if you will just allow the buyers to park their vehicles everywhere.


When starting a flea market, you should locate and contact the local government to ask for the particular rules and the regulations you have to comply in starting a flea market. There are some certain areas where you are required to obtain a permit and a tax identification number. These things are essential to your flea market because you will be starting up a huge business and in any kind and size of business, you have to obtain proper permits and tax numbers so that you will not get yourself into trouble when the local government will be checking your authority to start that flea market.

The Date and the Price

You have to choose the right time to open your flea market. Choose a date where there is a holiday or when it is a weekend. These days are the day people usually go out and go shopping for items that they like. Also, you have to consider the time when you will be opening. It is really up to you as long as you know when people would go to a flea market.

Most of the time, Fridays or during the weekend is the great time to open a flea market. People will have much free time and they could roam around the market and find assorted products and this will give them enough time to roam around the area unlike during weekdays where people usually go to work. They only have a limited break time in their jobs so they won’t have time to go to the flea market. Set up the price range that you will be giving on the booth rentals. Assorted kind of vendors would be renting the booths that you have in your market area so you should have at least an idea on how much you would rate them for the daily or even monthly rate for the rent of the booth.


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