How to Sell Your Writing

The secret of selling your piece is by aiming at excellence. Know who are your market and your methods of selling your piece. Focus with your goal and make a checklist or an organized method for your job.

And make your article just the way they want it to be or even better. If you are planning to sell your writing here is some methods that you may find useful.

If you are planning to sell your writing, you need to build on the basics. Start by making a checklist of your goal and how you could get there. It would also allow you to know what your main point is thereby eliminating procrastination. If you are familiar with Gantt chart or PERT chart that is used for allocation of time for each goals then you can use it. This article describes a simple checklist that will help you in selling what you wrote.

First, try to know who your target market is. This is important so that you will be able to make a piece that will suit their need. You can write down potential markets you can think of. Enumerate the tasks you should take and make a timeline for each of them. This will help you to focus in one task at a time. Develop self discipline by exercising writing when it is your scheduled time to write. Later on this task will no longer be a job but a routine and hobby that you would do freely.

Then, make a pre-write. It is just like free writing, in this process you just allow yourself to express your feelings, knowledge and emotion by continuous writing. By this, your brainstorming capability is enhanced and your ides will be freely expressed without too much effort. It also allows you to express your uniqueness of thought. Arrange your pre write in a more comprehensive manner and add relevant information’s. Then, write your first draft, your aim here is not about the quality but just to write. If you have any missing information leave it blank or mark it by putting "XXX" or "----", just keep writing.

Write a letter of query if needed. This is usually required when you are writing a book or printing out something for publication. There are some information that should be clarified and statements that should be tested before an article is released for publication. It is important to undergo this process in order to prevent law suit cases or issues in the near future. To polish your work, review it thoroughly. You can revise, cut, or add material in to it. You can also ask someone to look at it and express their point of view. You can consult an editor or even a simple friend to have their comments about your work. This will help you to eliminate any flaws that you might have overlooked yourself. If you are satisfied with your work, you can now make a final draft. Make sure to check it up again just to be sure.


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