How to Sell Your Book

Selling a book depends on the kind and the topic of book you are selling. Still, some experts share that there are general concepts that we have to remember in terms of selling your book, whatever kind or topic it contains.

The best for of endorsement that your book can avail is of course, the book itself – the cover, formatting and content.

The cover of the book should be interesting enough for it gives the first impression on the people who will see it. Since it is a book, you should also pay attention to the formatting, grammar, and style. An interesting content should come with the interesting title page, for a book is indeed worthless if it only has an eye-catching title but a plain and boring content. This is applicable especially for short stories, novels, and other literary works. The content, together with all the other elements of the book, should be able to make the readers conclude that the money they spent for the book is worthwhile.
The next thing to consider is the type of book you are selling and where to publish it. Generally, a site recommends that to get his or her book to be published at the most favourable conditions possible, an author should research, apply market strategies or skills, targeting the right publishers and giving them what they and the whole community want. Internet sites offer various tips on how to endorse specific types of books. For instance, hiring literary agents who will do the endorsement of the manuscript for you at the publishing houses is recommended for literary books such as novels and short stories. Converting books to electronic books or E-books is another option available especially for textbooks, so that they get their book to perform business across the electronic world. Lots of other specific instructions for specific types of books are available in the Internet.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, selling a book is not limited to the four corners of the bookstore. Now, an author can create a webpage about his or her book in the Internet and eventually, can attract customers. Selling books online is a new but innovative concept, because you are making your book known to the Internet community. An author just need to be equipped with the adequate computer skills and endorsing his or her book can easily be possible. Internet sites such as and iBook store provide opportunities for authors who become aware of the endorsing and customer-attracting powers of the Internet. The iBook store recommends getting an ISBN or International Standard Book Number for the book to be identified in the international community and for it to be standardized. Converting books to E-books can also belong to this category.

An Internet site asserts that the value of camaraderie is important in selling your book. This means in order for you to sell your book, you have to make friends. You have to socialize with the people around you who may be contributing factors to the success of your book – your promotional agents, the publishers of the book, the members of the media, and even your customers or would-be customers themselves.


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