How to Sell a Screenplay

Do you write scripts of interesting stories and you’re dreaming that one day your story will be featured in a movie but you lack of idea on how to sell a screenplay?

Selling a screenplay can be tough if you are a starter in the business; however, here are some useful tips that we find helpful for you in dealing your stories to movie companies.

Does Selling a Screenplay is Hard for You?

You already spent several days in typing out your script and now that you’re done the first thing that comes out to your mind is to whom you will sell it. Selling a script is more likely difficult than writing it. Yes, you should accept this reality and this is due to the fact that you’re not the only scriptwriter in the world. Only few movie companies are available as your client but your competitors can be hundreds or even thousands of them who also dreaming that their story will be featured in a movie. For this reason, we have set some sort of guidelines for you that you will need in selling your screenplays successfully.

How to Sell a Screenplay Effectively?

Selling a screenplay can be less difficult if you will follow certain guidelines to make it more presentable to the producers of a movie production. Remember that once you submitted the screenplay it doesn’t mean that they will read all the pages of the script. There are three important elements in a screenplay; the Title, the Logline, and the Synopsis. So before you submit your screenplay to agents and production companies, see to it that these elements are present in the screenplay.

What you need to do first is to make a strong and catchy Title. The title is the first thing that the producers will read. If the title catches their attention, the more they will tend to read the other pages. Make it more interesting and will trigger to their imaginations to work. Next to the title is the Logline. The logline is very important so you can sell your screenplay effectively. It usually consists of two up to four sentences of a brief description telling a short story concept and the plot line of your screenplay. Since there are several screenplays lined up, some producers are just reading the loglines so it can be included on their final choices. And the third thing and most important element is the Synopsis, which illustrates the whole story concept, the character descriptions, and other important plot points of the story. Once you’re done with these elements then make it sure that the screenplay is well-written in clean and presentable papers. Double-check for typographical errors as well.

After you’re through with the screenplay, your next mission is to contact film studios or any production companies to pitch your screenplay. For some reasons, several production companies are accepting screenplays with agents, so if this is the case look for a legitimate agent that can assist you in pitching your screenplay. And lastly, before you sell your work, make it sure that you’re writing is protected by having a third party proof like registering your work at any online registries.


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