How to Register your Company

Registering your company is a very important step in establishing a business.

Filing legal paper works must be in order so that you can operate your business in the state you chose without having a problem with the authorities and government.

Registering a business is very important especially if your company is not a sole proprietorship. You must register your business so that you can operate in the state or country you will be operating.

Registering the Business Name

You must register your business name with the local, state, or the federal government since it the name is one of the most important parts and assets of your business. If your business is a limited partnership, a corporation, or LLC, you must automatically register the name of your business when you file your incorporation and organization articles, or limited partnership’s statement. This will ensure that there is no other company using the same name. Nevertheless, even with automatically registered business name, if you plan on selling your products and services under different name you should file a statement for fictitious name or assumed name certificate. This is also necessary if you don’t want the suffix LLC on your company name. See the Business Name Registration on the website of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Registering a Fictitious Name

If your business will not use its legal name you must register a fictitious name or assumed business name. This means that you must register your business with a government agency usually the county’s clerk office and sometimes in the state. This is necessary if you will use another name for your business.

Registering as Trademark

If your company is small and a local service business, you can register your company name as a trademark. This is a good idea for this kind of operation. It is not required by the law but the trademark registration will be your protection from other businesses that will try to use your business name or a business name that is quite similar in a confusing way. If you register your business name as trademark in the state where you want to operates, other businesses are prevented to use the same name that will likely confused people with your business name. Nevertheless, if you wish to operate in more than one state or across countries, it is good to file a federal trademark protection. Also, registering the name of your business with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will announce that the name is already used and taken by a company. This will make it easier for you to defend your business name against other businesses that will infringe it.


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