How to Own a Papa Murphy's Pizza Franchise

This Papa Murphy's Pizza franchise business has been undeniably one of the top picks of customers since its creation.

Starting your own Papa Murphy's Pizza Franchise is not that hard. All you need to know are these things.

Requirements for Owning a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchise

Papa Murphy does not require its franchisees to have any or previous restaurant experience. In opening a Papa Murphy store, all you need to have is a good business sense and an innate eye for business success. You must also meet the company’s capital requirement in order to avail yourself of one franchise or more.

Qualifications needed to Become a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchisee

Before the company will allow you to sign a contract with them, you’ll go have to pass their comprehensive training program. You also should have a cash liquidity of $80,000 and a net worth of $250,000.

How much will it Cost You

Starting your own Papa Murphy’s Pizza franchise will cost you $181,100 to $272,500, and this does not even include the $15,000 to $25,000 franchising fee. The agreement will last for 10 years, which is plenty of time to get back what you have invested. A renewal fee of $5,000 will be needed if you wish to continue doing business with the company.

Expected Profit from a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchise

One Papa Murphy franchise usually gets their initial investment money after three years in the business. So the next few years will be your starting point for profitable business. Annually, the company will deduct around five percent royalty fee. The reasonable prices of the goods and services of Papa Murphy’s makes it a sure investment even in the years to come.

Papa Murphy’s Training and Support

The Company boasts of its five-phase training program which is renowned in the pizza industry. Seminars are also available for those franchisees who want to know more about the business, this also includes marketing campaign trainings.

Other supports that the company provide are site feasibility study so franchisees will know which locations are the most viable to do business. A suitable location finder will make sure that the market to that particular area can support the Papa Murphy’s store.

Advertisements and Marketing from the Company

The best marketing strategy that the company employs is its name and menu. The taste of food itself makes clients come back for more. Papa Murphy also gives in-house graphics solution for more appealing advertisements in the national and local media. A local store marketing strategy is also being implemented by the company; this will be learned during the training at the company headquarters. The implementation of Co-op advertisements and Ad slicks is encouraged by the company to lower expenses.


  • Harpal Singh said on September 17, 2012
    I want immediate start of papa murphy pizza franchise at sirsa, Haryana, India. I have more than Rs.2 crore to invest and have 3years experiences in hospitality. Please let me know your basic requirements and other relevant condition as earliest possible. call at +919996743222, +919354214335
  • P.Mahendranath Yadav said on October 27, 2012
    Dear Sir / Madam, MY business location is Siddipet, Medak, A.P., India. Am Completed my MBA am interesting doing business plz send details how much cost it will take
  • dhaval said on November 19, 2012
    dear all, i want to start up your group franchise. plz give me details of cost. start business valsad guj. i have 5 year exp. in hotel.
  • RAMAN KASHINATH GIRADKAR said on May 29, 2013
    Hi & Hello, I want to start Papa Murphy's Pizza, at Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra (India) let me know the details at the earliest pl. Regards,
  • RAMAN KASHINATH GIRADKAR said on May 29, 2013
    Hi, I want to start Papa Murphys Pizza at Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra which is in India,let me know the details at the earliest pl. Regards,
  • Tabish mehar said on May 31, 2015
    sir, i wana franchise for pizza hut in saharsa(bihar).


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