How to Open a Jesus Store

How to open a Jesus store is something that most of us are considering. Jesus store is probably one industry that will be successful in one way or another.

Why? Because almost all of us belong to a certain religion and that for every religion their most high is Jesus Christ.

Jesus stores are mostly run by congregations of priesthoods and sisterhoods but this does not mean that an ordinary individual can not open his/her own Jesus store. This is the kind of business that somehow gives you the motivation to go on and on because of the fact that in your own little way you are spreading the words and wisdom of Jesus.

Starting a Jesus store is like opening any other kind of business. A business plan should be created in order for you to have a guideline in your business. There are ready templates available in the market and on the wed for you to choose from which you think will be suitable for you and your business.

Scout the area where you would like to put up your store. Make sure that you are not causing any alarm and issues with the members of the community you would like to put up your store. You wouldn’t want to put up your store in a community wherein almost all the residents are Jews. In short study the area first if it is feasible to put up a store in the particular area you have chosen.

Venturing into any business, it is best that you are equipped with the right education or training regarding the industry before plunging into it. Read books and magazines at your local library. Attend seminars and forums about a Jesus store. These seminars and forums usually last for about 2-3 days depending on how many modules will be discussed during the seminar/forum. Get certified regarding the business that you are getting into. Being certified is an indication that you are ready to plunge into the business.

Start-up capital, licenses and permits, hiring the best employees are also factors to consider. You will need to raise the start up capital needed to start the business and possibly for the next three to six months of operation before you can actually start to see if you are earning from your investment. Apply for the required permits and licenses to your state licensure department. Hire the most qualified employees to help you run your Jesus store: bookkeepers, accountants and sales associates.

Finally, the products which you think is best suited for your Jesus store. I suggest that you start small in terms of space but big in products. Make your Jesus store a one stop shop of every product related to Jesus: bibles, religious books and articles, replicas and images of Jesus, t-shirts, jewelries and accessories that represent the divine replica of Jesus etc. You can start with just some few items but I highly suggest that you cover as many Jesus items and products and make them available in your Jesus store.


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