How to Make Money on Twitter

In the short span of birth of the Internet technology, there are many money-making schemes that have been popular for net users.

With social networking like Twitter becoming popular, the possibility of making money out of it is real. Learn how to make money on Twitter here.

The Internet technology has brought countless and almost unimaginable money-making schemes wherein one can exploit for his financial benefits. This statement needs no emphasis to be done since for the Internet savvy people, this is just true and happening in their lives. How many jobs and windfall through web designing, programming, blogging and content writing has the Internet has done? Almost uncountable. Now with the popularity of social networking, money-making schemes are even possible for everybody.

No matter how the elite intellectuals would call social networking like Twitter as only “burst of short words,” the possibility on how to make money on Twitter is possible. Here are ways on how this popular social networking tool can make your bank account a little thicker:

Register First on Twitter

Since you are going to use Twitter as your way to make money, it is of course obvious that you need to register in the social network to have an account. The next thing is know the rule that you only have 140 words to post something in it as your shoutout.

Ways on Making Money on Twitter

Now if you Google the Internet on “sponsored tweets”, you will find a lot of useful ideas. There are these tricks and tips on how to use the tool that make you have an autopilot money making posts.

But to be realistic there are ways in how you can make money on Twitter that need not succumb to such dubious tricks and tips:

Direct Advertising – if you have many followers, then it is good to use the Twitter as a form of direct advertisement wherein you sell directly your product to them. This is a free advertisement for you and returns are very positive.

Recommendation – you have the option to use Twitter as a form of recommendation to your followers certain products and services and just prodding them up to take an ‘action’ about it.

Affiliate Marketing – now this scheme is usually used in blogging but micro-blogging as Twitter is, this can also be used in this kind of social networking. You can go with this scheme through two ways: through affiliate links and sales pages. Both of these types of course will need for you to sign up first to a third party which is your affiliate.


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