Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter is now the hottest and most effective way to share as well as discover what is exactly happening in our world right now.

It is even use for many businesses online to gain more audiences and promote their business to millions and millions of people.

Understanding Twitter

Today, Twitter is very popular like Oprah Winfrey and Shaquille O’Neal. It is one of the best social networking site and micro blogging service in the world that is excellent for attracting people. User of Twitter can follow their favorite celebrities, movie program, series, news, etc. The most important thing about Twitter is that the number of people using Twitter is significantly high in numbers. Businesses around the globe can now connect with their customers, fans, and clients in a way that is very impossible in the past. Effective use of Twitter allows business to achieve their goal and make more profits.

3 Twitter Tips

First is to not automate it. If your business has blogs, just use the Twitter Feed service of Twitter to channel new blog posts directly into your Twitter posts. The Twitter feed must be hand fed because if your company tries to publish lots of impersonal links, then the company’s Twitter account will just become a faceless advertising machine. This is definitely not the way to attract more people on your Twitter account. Try to link the best stuffs on your blog, and also some of the relevant and informative stuffs that you saw on the web.

Second is being conversational. The Twitter account of your business must talk or display things like a real person to represent your brand or company. You must think that your Twitter account like a character in the internet plays. You should employ a first person kind of talks or invent a certain kind of personality. Just be chatty in your account. Follow everyone who is relevant from the Twitter account. You can follow everyone who is using this Twitter. You can follow colleagues from related companies as well as in your enterprise. By following people, you can create an ecosystem where people may see who you are following and also consider suggestions for who they should follow.

Last but not the least is to ensure that your own people are using Twitter. They can be able to mention and talk about the things that they are working on and refer your company brand through the so called Twitter speak. Keep in mind that even the most personal thing that will be leaked through Twitter can help in making strong personal connections with audiences, colleagues, and members. For example, your member just wrote something about he or she wrote on the product of your company. This may attract followers to see the Twitter account of your company.


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