How to Grow Tarragon

If you want to grow and sell tarragon, you should be aware that you need enough knowledge and experience with this type of herb.

The ideal planting time is April and by July or August, the herb can already be harvested through picking. Know the varieties and respective planting requirements.

Growing Tarragon

Several years ago, Tarragon was mainly grown in western Asia and southern Russia. If you love this herb with its peppery flavor and a little vinegar taste, you can now plant it in your own backyard or garden. Aside from its culinary uses, it also offers medicinal properties. The herb is also native to the Caspian and Siberian sea areas. This is ideal with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, beef, pork, fish, and mainstream veggies. You can use it with yogurt, sour creams, soups, vinegars, cream sauces, and herbed butters.

You have to pick a location with well drained soil. Whether you plant Tarragon in partial sun or sunny area, you will get almost the same results. Avoid planning in very rich soils. On the month of April, you can now plant the Tarragon seeds in pots together with compost; each pot should only have 4-5 seeds. Once you see that the seedlings are already 10 centimeters in height, you can now transplant them to the preferred location. This is only possible with the Russian Tarragon but if you are growing French Tarragon, you have to use cuttings instead. For every square meter, you need to add bone meal or organic material while digging the soil. Water when needed.

Selling Tarragon Seeds and Trees

If you are growing Tarragon for home consumption, you will only need one plant but if you are planning to sell the seeds, you will need to plant more in your backyard. The best harvesting season is July and August; that is, if you planted it in April. You can sell frozen Tarragon or the fresh ones. Either way, your buyers will enjoy the distinct flavor of the herb. To harvest, all you have to do is snip off the seeds and you’re ready to go.

To be able to sell Tarragon, you have to harvest them properly and ensure that you have quality products. Find potential buyers in your neighborhood or you can sell the seeds to local nurseries or growers. If have lots of matured plants, you can get cuttings or you can sell them as seedlings. Either way, you can earn some money by simply growing Tarragon. Learn the basics of planting, especially the requirements for growing Tarragon. If you possess the skills of a gardener and you have incurred knowledge about growing this unique herb, you will surely be able to harvest lots of seeds and hopefully, young plants to sell to your friends or neighbors.


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