How to Get a Day Care License

Day care is the answer to the problems of working parents who has a toddler who needs to be looked after while they are on their jobs.

It is important that if you decide to put up your own day care centre, then you should secure first your license.

How to Get Started?

Order the Family Child Care Packet from the proper authorities to start your licensing process. There is information available in the internet about the packet you need. Next thing is a need to do the completion of the regional licensing office. Complete the packet sheet by completing the Business Start up Worksheet. Through this, the office will have basic information about your intentions of opening your business. There will be a technical advisor assigned to you to help you with all the assistance you need will comply with the requirements of the Regional Licensing Office. You will also need the Child Care Initial Licensing Checklist. You should obtain a copy of it.

The next thing you should do is to pass the water and food facility test. In opening a day care centre, you should pass the standard procedures of passing the test on your water source and food facility. You will be dealing with toddlers which are vulnerable to illness and has sensitive tummies. Make sure to pass this to be able to fulfil the licensing procedure. Another thing is you have to go through a background check.

The background check is done once you start the process of licensing and after the licensing. You have to understand that this is a standard procedure done by the licensing office. You will be dealing and handling children and because of this, they have to make sure that you are capable of doing this. They also have to make sure that you do not have any conflict with anyone that might cause some problem with the business. Another thing they need to know in your background check is whether you are morally able and you do not have any civil, administrative or criminal issue or charges. They might end up dealing with a suit if they allowed giving you a license even if you have an outstanding case in court. You should be clean as the white sheets to ensure the release of your license.
Parents are also very meticulous with the centres they wanted to enrol their children with. They only want the best for their child so it is just important that you have no record or have a court case to ensure that their child is in a good hand. The licensing office may also require other tests for you so might as well deal with it and complete those things to fasten the release of your license. Never forget to pay for the necessary fees because you will never get your license even if you have already completed all the requirements if you will not pay necessary fees in the licensing office.


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