How to Get a Catering License

Catering license is a possession that will allow your business to function legitimately. This will make you free from any possible lawsuits in relation to the legalities of your business.

If you are planning to establish a catering business, it is best for you to know some of the tips on how to get a catering license.

Before your catering business can run legally, you have to follow first some of the tips on how to get a catering license. This license will serve as your protection from some of the liabilities and legal aspects associated with the nature of the business operation.

Connect to Concerned Licensing Agency

The first step that you have to do is to connect with the municipal office of your locality. You have to ask them of the process about licensing of catering business. However, you have the option in meeting them in person or you can just navigate the official site of the local government of your place. The different states in U.S have several varieties of rules regarding the matter. By the time that you have successfully connected with the concerned office, there are things that you have to do:

  • List down the needed requirements
  • Get an application form- see to it that you fill it up neatly and truthfully
  • Ask for the next schedule of meeting

Pass the Application Form

By the time that you have already finished filling up the form for the licensing of your catering business, you need now to pass the application form. There are two options that you have with regards to this. You can pass it in person or in an online basis. The latter will make your application faster. But just in case you have further queries, you can choose to personally submit your application form.

Secure Processing Fee

Since the course of obtaining catering license incurs so many processes, you have to be aware that there is processing fee that will be required from you. You can ask for the information regarding this by the time that you will obtain your application form. But to give you an idea, this may take about $100. But do not just prepare for the exact amount. But rather, you have to prepare more than that since there is a possibility of emergence of other fees.

Final Step

Aside from securing the processing fee, you also have to accomplish other requirements that you need in obtaining catering license. Right after you have already settled and passed everything, you have to wait for a couple of weeks in order to know the status of your application. The processing is slightly longer since the concerned authorities need to investigate or check some of the aspects and documents. If you think you have waited much, you can inquire directly to the licensing office and inquire about the matter. Typically, you will receive a notice if the application for catering license is successful or not.


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